Elden Ring Guide: All Sacred Tears Locations

In this Elden Ring Sacred Tear guide, we’ll show you where you can find all Sacred Tears in the Lands Between to add to your flasks of Crimson and Cerulean Tears.

Sacred Tears are consumable items that you can use to upgrade your Sacred Flasks at sites of grace. Each Sacred Tear you use increases the amount of HP or FP restored by your Flasks.

Elden Ring – Where to find all the Sacred Tears

Elden Ring contains a total of 12 Sacred Tears. They are, predictably, dispersed throughout the map. The exact locations of each Sacred Tear in the game are listed below.

Altus Plateau Sacred Tear Locations

Sacred Tear 10

This Sacred Tear is in the Stormcaller Church.

Sacred Tear 11

This Sacred Tear is in the Second Church of Marika.

Caelid and Dragonbarrow Sacred Tear Locations

In Caelid and Dragonbarrow, there is only one Sacred Tear. To the east of the poisonous swamps, inside the Church of the Plague, is where one can find Caelid’s lone Sacred Tear.

Limgrave Sacred Tear Locations

Sacred Tear 1

Elden Ring Sacred Tears Locations 1

Castle Morne Rampart is a hill west of the Site of Grace that you can climb to the top of, with Ailing Village at the top. A few steps south is the Callu Baptismal Church. The Sacred Tear can be found there, but beware of the army of rats inside.

Sacred Tear 2

Elden Ring Sacred Tears Locations 2

The Church of Pilgrimage is located on a hill near the extreme north of the Weeping Peninsula. To get to the Weeping Peninsula, head south across the Bridge of Sacrifices.

Sacred Tear 3

Elden Ring Sacred Tears Locations 3

To obtain this tear, go to Mistwood’s Third Church of Marika. Proceed east to The Mistwood from Limgrave’s Gatefront Ruins. Obtain the Limgrave East Map fragment and rush to the church to find the sacred tear at the altar.

Sacred Tear 4

Elden Ring Sacred Tears Locations 4

The fouth Sacred Tear of Limgrave can be found in the Church of Irith right after the boss battle with Godrick the Grafted. To find this church, we advise starting at the Lake-Facing Cliffs and heading southwest.

Sacred Tear 5

To find the last Sacred Tear of Limgrave, head southwest from the Church of Pilgrimage along the Weeping Peninsula, staying on the upper fields rather than the coast. The Fourth Church of Marika will eventually come into view. In order to find a Site of Grace, first kill the guards outside before entering the building. In the temple directly in front of you, you can find this Sacred Tear.

Liurnia of the Lakes Sacred Tear Locations

Sacred Tear 6

This sacred tear is located in the Bellum Church. When you arrive at the church, enter and look for the path leading to the following spot. For a Sacred Tear that you can gather, look in the direction of the temple.

Sacred Tear 7

The next Sacred Tear is located directly east of the previous one in the Church of Inhibition. To get to the church, head east to the Frenzied Flame Village Outskirts Site of Grace.

Mountaintops of the Giants Sacred Tear Locations

Sacred Tear 8

This Sacred Tear can be found inside the First Church of Marika, which is located east of the Whiteridge Road Site of Grace. It resembles the boss battle with the Freezing Fog in the Borealis.

Sacred Tear 9

The Church of Repose, which is close to the Foot of the Forge Site of Grace, is where you can find this Sacred Tear.

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