Early Predictions for Dragonflight 10.2 DPS Rankings: A Sneak Peek into the Patch

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Images via Blizzard Entertainment
Dragonflight 10.2 DPS Rankings
Images via Blizzard Entertainment

With patch 10.1.7 in full swing and patch 10.2 on the horizon, the community is abuzz with anticipation about the forthcoming DPS rankings in Dragonflight. Let’s take a look at what we know so far right now.

Early Predictions for Dragonflight 10.2 DPS Rankings

Our 10.2 DPS Tier List is derived from data from our 10.1.7 tier list and PTR patch information. It’s important to note that these rankings will be updated regularly until the official 10.2 release.

Tier Classes Description
S Augmentation Evoker No updates yet.
Arcane Mage No updates yet.
Devastation Evoker No movement.
Destruction Warlock Remains strong in 10.2.
A Balance Druid No movement.
Beast Mastery Hunter Few minor changes; expected to remain strong.
Demonology Warlock Down 1 tier; entire rotation changed.
Elemental Shaman Minor changes.
Enhancement Shaman Primordial Wave remains powerful.
Fire Mage No updates yet.
Havoc Demon Hunter Changes expected later in PTR.
Marksmanship Hunter Minor changes; no movement.
Retribution Paladin No changes.
Unholy Death Knight Down 1 tier.
B Affliction Warlock Few changes.
Arm Warrior Minor updates.
Fury Warrior No updates yet.
Feral Druid Up 1 tier; potential improvement.
Windwalker Monk No changes.
C Frost Death Knight No changes so far.
Survival Hunter Minor early damage increases; no movement.
Too Early to Say Assassination Rogue
Outlaw Rogue
Shadow Priest Power Infusion change; awaiting further updates.
Subtlety Rogue

A Closer Look at Some Classes

Images via Blizzard Entertainment

Balance Druid

Balance Druids will experience adjustments in 10.2, redistributing their DPS across their rotation. This move will reduce their reliance on a single high-damage spell.

Demonology Warlock

Blizzard plans to separate the focus on Nether Portal and Tyrant DPS windows, allowing Demonology Warlocks to excel in a broader range of encounters.


No mention of Augmentation Evoker in the patch notes, but Devastation Evoker is set to undergo some changes, although it appears to remain a top performer.

Havoc Demon Hunter

Havoc Demon Hunter is due for a talent overhaul in 10.2, though specifics are yet to be revealed.

Mage and Warrior

Neither Mages nor Warriors have been addressed in the initial round of updates. However, it’s worth noting that Mage, in particular, is expected to see changes in the future.

Unholy Death Knight (DK)

Blizzard aims to shift Unholy DK’s burst damage to a more consistent pattern in 10.2. This spec currently operates with a 3-minute DPS window, but the goal is to reduce it to a 45-second window. While this might benefit Unholy DK overall, it could lead to a drop in their top spot.


All three Rogue spec trees and the Rogue talent tree are undergoing significant changes, making it one of the most extensive reworks seen in Dragonflight. Until further developments, we’ve temporarily removed them from the 10.2 DPS Rankings.

Shadow Priest

With a 5% nerf to Power Infusion, Shadow Priests find themselves in an uncertain spot. It’s currently challenging to gauge the spec’s performance without clarity on adjustments to this critical ability.

Keep an eye on our updates as we track the evolving landscape of Dragonflight 10.2 DPS rankings, and prepare for exciting changes in the world of gaming.