Diane Kruger on Hollywood Style: “They All Look the Same”


German actress Diane Kruger has spoken on Hollywood style. Diane admits she doesn’t use a stylist which is unusual for someone who so frequently hits the red carpet. She opens up that she believes many actresses who do have stylists often end up looking very similarly dressed and she believes there is no more originality when it comes to celebrity style. She said:

“I know it’s crazy to think it would be unusual for someone to dress themselves. But, so often in Hollywood, women have stylists and they all look the same.”

Diane says that when she was just starting out, she also had a stylist but she quickly noticed that her red carpet outfits just weren’t “her” and she was annoyed that she wasn’t able to express her individuality. She wants to stand out for her own taste and isn’t interested in blending in:

“I did that too when I first started out. But then I’d see pictures and didn’t recognise myself. As my confidence grew as an actor and as a woman I started picking my own clothes. I don’t want to look like everybody else.”

Gushing about her close friend, Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld, Diane says he is a great person to know because he is such a creative and inspiring individual who also has a great sense of humor:

“If you’re only going to know one person in fashion, you want to know Karl Lagerfeld. He has such a unique personality, very curious, very smart and hysterically funny. I just love him.”