Diane Kruger Says Fashion is “an External Expression”


Stylish actress Diane Kruger always dresses superbly – her off-duty style is relaxed but chic, and on the red carpet she isn’t afraid to experiment and opt for something edgy that makes a bold statement. Speaking on the concept of style, she says clothes to her are an “external expression” or a way for her to get a reaction from those who see her. She also believe women use fashion for fun, to show who they are and represent themselves. She explained:

“Clothes to me are an external expression of a state of mind, or a reaction I want to get from people. Fashion is just a fun way for women to show our colours. Guys buy a car.”

Diane isn’t a huge fan of the red carpet and says it can often be uncomfortable and even “ridiculous” at times, but she tries not to get worried and doesn’t take what people say to heart, because she’s focused on work and isn’t interested in what other people are saying:

“Red carpets are a stressful, bizarre situation. Imagine having all those people yell at you and take photos. Not the most comfortable moment. It’s ridiculous. Honestly, I just don’t care what people say. It’s not worth worrying about. I care about the film I’ve just made and what my boyfriend says when I walk out of the door.”

Speaking on the topic of ageing, Diane hopes she will age gracefully but doesn’t past judgement on those who opt to go under the knife in an attempt to preserve their looks:

“I want to age gracefully and I don’t judge those who get injections. But we can’t age backwards, so you have to embrace it sometime.”