Diablo Immortal patch notes July 20 : All Fixes And Changes

Blizzard has made some big changes and fixes in the latest Diablo Immortal patch notes released on July 20, 2022 on mobile and PC.

Diablo Immortal patch notes July 20 details :

Adventurer’s Path limited-time event:

  • Adventurer’s Path runs July 20 – August 3 at 3am server time.
  • Complete Adventurer’s Path tasks to earn gold, enchanted dust, and scrap materials for your heroics.
  • Upon completion of eight tasks: 10 Aspirant’s keys.
  • Upon completion of 16 tasks: the Adventurer’s Laurel Portrait Frame.
  • Upon completion of 20 tasks: one Legendary Crest.

Hero’s Journey added:

  • Hero’s Journey is a new end-game experience that unlocks for adventurers during the Frozen Tundra portion of the main questline.
  • If you can prove you’re up to the task, a bounty of rewards is here to greet you upon completing each chapter. These range from large sums of gold or Platinum to Aspirant’s Keys, Legendary Crests, and even the Glorious Journey Portrait Frame.
  • Consisting of four chapters, with two more planned for the future, Hero’s Journey will send you to complete mettle-testing objectives that scale in difficulty as you rise in Paragon Level.

Class Change mechanic added:

  • Class Change becomes available for a character beginning at level 35.
  • You may change your class once every seven days and at no cost—there is also a one-time option to immediately revert to your previous class, skipping the seven-day waiting period. There are no current plans to allow players to purchase the ability to change classes more frequently.
  • Some class-specific cosmetics and gear will not carry over when you change classes. All gear equipped to your previous class will be available in your inventory. Any cosmetics owned for a class will be retained on that class and will be available upon changing back to it.
  • When you change to each class for the first time, you can set the appearance of your character and receive a full reset of your Paragon Trees.
  • Upon changing to each class for the first time, you will be granted placeholder gear. The placeholder gear will have an equivalent rank to the previously equipped gear of your last class.
  • All Clan, Warband and other social group affiliations will carry over.

New Helliquary boss – Gorgothra the Claimer:

  • Gorgothra arrives in the Helliquary on August 2.

Hungering Moon limited-time event:

  • Hungering Moon runs July 29 – August 1 at 3am server time.
  • Fulfilling the moon’s demands will earn you Moonslivers, which can be traded for Blessings.
  • After acquiring seven Blessings you will have curried enough goodwill with the moon to trade these in for a random reward such as: Enchanted Dust, Glowing Shards, and Legendary gear.
  • Offer enough blessings to the moon and it will even present you with its favor—a bundle consisting of one Legendary Crest and more.

Other features and updates:

  • Amber Blades cosmetic set added for purchase in the in-game shop.
  • Completing a weekly Warband Raid will now allow you to purchase an Eternal Legendary Crest for 1600 Platinum from the crest merchant in Westmarch, Jondo Mouren.
  • The Fading Ember cap has been increased from 200 to 280.
  • You may now trade 22 Fa Runes for an Eternal Legendary Crest.
  • New monster affix – Shell: Summons a defensive shield, preventing Life loss until it is destroyed.
  • New monster affix – Siphon: Channels a draining beam at one target that slows and leeches life to heal for five seconds.
  • Zwenson’s Haunting – changed the ability description to read: When you defeat an enemy, a dark beast attacks nearby enemies, dealing X% base damage. Cannot occur more than once every X seconds.
  • Blood-Soaked Jade – changed the ability description to read: Increases all damage you deal by up to X% while at full Life, with a minimum bonus of Y% while at low Life. Increases your Movement Speed by Z%.

New class legendary items:


  • Forgotten Savior: Falling Sword now calls flames from the heavens that Burn enemies.
  • Torrential Refrain: Condemn now immediately detonates all of its damage on the enemies it hits.
  • Daybreak: Consecration now protects you and nearby party members, decreasing damage taken by X%.
  • Equal Portions: Sacred Chain no longer constrains enemies, instead forming a chain of flames between enemies which Burns other enemies that touch it.
  • Stare of Wroth: Shield Glare now Burns enemies for X damage over Y seconds.
  • Heaven Squints: Judgment now conjures a continuous beam of light from the heavens which moves under your control.


  • Compromise is Loss: Ground Stomp now rips open the ground, dealing damage to enemies in front of you. Maximum X charges.
  • Doom of the Cowed: Activating Wrath of the Berserker now immediately reduces the Movement Speed of all nearby enemies by X%.
  • Five Fresh Claws: Whirlwind now shreds armor, increasing all damage enemies take by X%, stacking up to five times.
  • Lunatic Twin: When Frenzy is fully stacked, each attack unleashes X damage to all enemies in front of you. Cannot occur more often than once every Y seconds.
  • Paste and Powder: Hammer of the Ancients now randomly drops hammers in the targeted area multiple times.
  • The Trembling: Undying Rage also increases your Movement Speed by X%.


  • Endless Trial: Imprisoned Fist now continuously launches punches in a direction you can change while channeling. Using Imprisoned Fist will slowly consume its energy, which will recover while Imprisoned Fist is not in use.
  • Numb Realization: Exploding Palm Bleed effect now has a X% chance to be detonated by other attacks.
  • Pugilist’s Presence: Seven-Sided Strike now attacks repeatedly in the same direction, knocking back the enemy each time.
  • Rattling Arm: Wave Strike turns into a pneumatic ball that pulls in and continuously damages enemies.
  • Starving Mosquito: Flying Dragon damage increased by X% for each enemy hit, up to a maximum increase of Y%.
  • Typhlot Robe: Cyclone Strike now creates a sandstorm that reduces enemy vision and deals damage.

Demon Hunter

  • Hunter-Gatherer: Escape now launches X homing rockets at nearby enemies when activated, each dealing Y damage.
  • Murdermost: Vengeance now increases your critical strike chance by X% but causes you to lose Y% of your Life every second.
  • Pinpoint Overflow: Multishot now fires all arrows in a targeted direction and can strike the same enemy multiple times.
  • Puncta Obscura: Impale now also causes enemies to Bleed for X damage over Y seconds.
  • Scrapdacks: Knife Trap now scatters multiple mines that will explode when stepped on, but it can no longer have multiple charges.
  • Suit Mordant: Smoke Screen now hurls an acid bomb that damages enemies continuously.


  • Arc of Misery: Bone Spirits now bounces whenever it hits a wall.
  • Cloak of Quills: Bone Armor now causes your summons to continuously damage nearby enemies, but no longer protects them.
  • Hissing Skin: Grim Scythe now increases all damage you deal by X% for each enemy hit, up to Y%, for Z seconds.
  • Shared Service: Bone Armor now reduces all continuous damage you take by X%.
  • Studied Menace: Corpse Lance now causes enemies to decay, dealing X damage for Y seconds.
  • Vesperguard: Skeletal Mage now shoots continuous rays at enemies.


  • The Aimless One: Arcane Torrent now launches missiles at random enemies around you.
  • The Enervators: Ray of Frost now creates an ice shield each time it damages an enemy, absorbing X damage and stacking up to 10 times.
  • Fireflurry: Scorch now hurls a ball of magma that bursts when it strikes an enemy, creating a pool of magma that Burns and Stuns enemies.
  • Ninety-Nine Wild Arcana: Arcane Torrent damage increased by X%.
  • Waking Invocation: Ray of Frost now creates an illusion that channels a beam of frost in the targeted direction.
  • Weathering Eye: Arcane Wind now also applies a X% reduction to Movement Speed for Y seconds.

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