Destiny 2 Has Wall-To-Wall Bangers Lined Up, Says Bungie

As Destiny 2’s upcoming season approaches, it’s time once more for me to gather some Bungie-based hype. We are once again in a similar situation where we know very little about the actual content of season 18. However, this time, it’s being revealed in a showcase alongside Lightfall. Robert Schuster, who created the player questline for the upcoming season, stated that Destiny 2 has wall-to-wall bangers lined up.

Destiny 2 Has Wall-To-Wall Bangers Lined Up, Says Bungie

Teawrex, a former community streamer turned Bungie social systems designer, joins Robert:

And, of course, everyone is excited for the showcase reveal, according to community manager Liana Ruppert:

People have told me that they believe I will like a lot of what is shown in the showcase, though I have no idea what that means. Maybe nuking all blues? All we can do is hope. I know what the reaction will be, and that is the idea that Bungie always hypes up new seasons or expansions, and then if it isn’t the best delivery ever, people won’t believe the hype the next time.

I’m of two minds of this. This appears to be primarily a complaint about Season of the Haunted, which has been widely regarded as a mediocre season in the grand scheme of Destiny history. Although I believe the majority of the hype for it came from the narrative team. And the season delivered on that front.. The main issues were things like the seasonal reward loop and an underuse of the reprised Leviathan.

Yes, there was a lot of hype before Witch Queen, but I thought…that delivered? Without a doubt, it’s my favorite story campaign in Destiny history, both in terms of difficulty and twists and turns. Great raid, and even a decent attached season with Risen, which rarely happens. So I’d say it lived up to the hype.

Bungie discusses not only season 18, but also what will be shown off with Lightfall and anything else they have planned. It’s unlikely, but not impossible, that we’ll see the reveal of a Destiny mobile game or anime series, which we believe Bungie is working on in addition to the main game.

So yeah, I understand why there’s some skepticism among fans, but I also believe it’s crystal clear that Bungie has improved Destiny over time, and in some areas more so than most. I’m trying to control my own excitement, but I can’t help but feel eager for the coming week.

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