Destiny 2 Guide – How to solve the microwave room puzzle solution

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One of the most difficult challenges in Destiny 2 is to complete the microwave room puzzle. Check out this guide if you’re having trouble dealing with it.

Destiny 2 Guide – How to solve the microwave room puzzle solution

To get through the microwave room, you’ll need to be quick on your feet and have a good memory, as part of the puzzle is randomised for everyone. The goal of the microwave room is to simply pass through it, but you’ll quickly realize that one wrong move inside and you’re toast. Here’s how to survive the microwave room.Destiny 2 microwave puzzleFirst, consider the microwave room’s layout and the puzzle’s goal. It’s a large, enclosed space with three sets of terminals lining the walls and a slew of lethal lasers running horizontally across the room. The goal here is to open the door opposite where you started. We’ll need to hack three of the previously mentioned terminals to accomplish this.

You will need to pick up the scanner augment at the top of the stairs before proceeding into the microwave room. As soon as you have this, look through the glass panel into the microwave room. You’ll see three terminals that are lit up; these are the three that you must hack in order to exit the space.

Head down the small set of stairs and look through the next glass panel to see which panels you can walk across without being fried. It is critical to memorize both the terminals and the safe panels, as this information will be unavailable to you once you enter the room.

It’s time to get to work after you’ve memorized both the safe passage across the microwave room and the specific terminals you need to hack. Stay on the path, avoid the lasers, and hack the terminals to get out of there quickly.

That is how you solve the Destiny 2 microwave room puzzle. The exotic Revision Zero is now yours.