Destiny 2 Guide – How to beat Calus in Lightfall

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If you’re having trouble with the Calus boss fight in the Destiny 2 Lightfall campaign, the following tips will help you defeat it easily.

Destiny 2 Guide – How to beat Calus in Lightfall

The Calus boss fight’s design clearly encourages you to use Strand. Throughout this battle, use cover and grapple abilities to quickly reposition yourself, allowing you to attack from new angles while also avoiding damage. You can also use the platforms on the arena’s edge to your advantage.

Calus, like many other bosses, has two distinct phases, the first of which features an immunity mechanic. Even after you’ve depleted his first full health bar, he’ll regain it and continue to fight, utilizing new moves.

Phase 1

You must manage hordes of enemies while dealing damage to the boss during both phases. We recommend packing a useful add-clearing tool, such as an SMG, or the Witherhoard grenade launcher, if you can spare your Exotic, in addition to a single-target weapon. The Gjallarhorn’s fire-and-forget ability is useful, and the splash damage can be used to eliminate some adds while chipping away at Calus. Thunderlord, a potent exotic machine gun, can fill both roles in a pinch, though you risk being exposed to Calus’s shots while firing and ammo may become scarce.

Calus will occasionally launch seeking fireballs at you during this phase. Once you have dealt enough damage to him, Tormenters will spawn and shield him from further damage until you eliminate them. Bring them down to remove his shield, allowing you to continue dealing damage to him.

Phase 2

Calus will reappear with full health after you’ve melted down his first health bar, and the second phase will begin. His melee attacks are now extremely powerful, and you should avoid them at all costs. Strand grapples are once again your ally. He’ll throw up a shield to protect himself now and then, but it won’t make him invulnerable; a powerful weapon will counter it, so focus on staying alive, moving, and dealing as much damage as you can.

If you can survive long enough to kill Calus before he kills you, the battle will over and the Lightfall campaign’s ending will be revealed!

That’s all you need to know to defeat Calus in Destiny 2 Lightfall.