Despite other islanders “raking in millions” through OnlyFans, the Love Island twins had no interest in joining

The TV twins, who are now both 23, regularly impress their admirers with sultry swimsuit photos, but they insist they have no interest in making money out of them.

While other islanders allegedly “raking in millions” via OnlyFans, the Love Island twins have no interest in joining

Jess and Eve Gale, who are twins and stars of the reality show Love Island, have said they won’t be joining OnlyFans.

Since leaving the villa in 2020, Jess and Eve Gale have built flourishing businesses, regularly wowing fans with breathtaking bikini images, but they think OnlyFans is a no-go.

They did a Facebook Live together, and Eve said: “Personally it’s not something I’m really interested in doing at the moment.”

“I can’t see myself doing it, I definitely think there are girls who do it and smash it and good on them but I don’t think it’s for me to be honest. I’d rather just do whole Instagram fashion.”

Moreover, Jess said “Yeah, I’m just happy doing this just because I’ve never considered doing it as an option, there are people making millions, but I’ve never considered it.

“It’s a whole career move but I’ve never seen it going down that way, so I’m sticking that, but it is amazing how much people are making. When I’m seeing how much I’m like ‘Ooh ok!'”

Megan Barton-Hanson, Hannah Elizabeth, Katie Salmon, Arabella Chi, Joshua Ritchie, and Tom Powell are just a few of the Love Island stars who have found success on OnlyFans.

The girls also disclosed a “illness outbreak” that occurred during their winter series appearance on ITV.

As Jess put it: “There was the summer bug going around but you are in South Africa. The food is different, you are in a different country.

“I didn’t get it and thank the gods out there, I was so happy I didn’t, but I know a lot of people had to rush to the toilet in challenges.

“There was a ‘free pass’ if you said you had that, but luckily no accidents.”

Jess continued by saying that she despises having to use the same restrooms as the men competing in the show.

“I hate sharing toilets with guys, it’s so disgusting. There were toilets closer to the girls’ changing room and one to guys’ and I thought it would’ve made sense to make it ‘girls and boys’, but guys would still go in the girls’ one. Ugh.”