Denise Richards’ sexiest pictures ever taken: Bond girl bikini, red lingerie and more

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(Source: Instagram/@Denise Richards)

We have selected some of Denise Richards’ hottest moments from her time as a Bond girl and now as a star of the Real Housewives franchise.

Bond girl bikini, red lingerie, and more of Denise Richards’ sexiest photos ever

(Source: Instagram/@Denise Richards)

The star’s remarkable beauty, long flowing hair, and curvy form made her a sex icon in the 1990s.

Denise Richards, star of the hit Bravo reality series “Real Housewives,” began her professional life as an actress.

Richards has lent her beautiful visage to a number of films, including James Bond, Friends, Love Actually, and Beverly Hills, 90210, where she has starred in some of her most memorable and steamy sequences.

Read on to see some of the sexiest photos ever taken of Denise Richards.


In the 1999 film The World Is Not Enough, Richards played another role as a naked beauty.

Denise, as nuclear physicist Dr. Christmas Jones, stole the show from Pierce Brosnan (an superstar in his own right) and the other cast members.

Nonetheless, she was criticized for the part because of the low-cut tank tops and skintight shorts she wore in the film.

Denise rebutted the criticism by saying, “These Bond chicks are so outlandish and if I did genuinely look like a scientist, the Bond fans would have been disappointed.”

Jones favored low-cut shorts that exposed a lot of leg and combat boots, and she frequently wore crop tops that revealed her midriff.


Fans’ jaws hit the floor after seeing the actress appear in a revealing red costume for a famous photoshoot.

Denise, her assets on full display in the low-cut underwear, posed on a couch with her hands in her hair and peered down the camera lens.

Denise Richards' sexiest pictures ever taken: Bond girl bikini, red lingerie and more

Her hourglass body was emphasized by the high-cut one-piece swimsuit, which ended well above the hips. Two bright red panels barely covered her breasts.

Richards wore a lace chemise with a long zipper down the center and her blonde hair in disheveled curls.

Once her daughter created a profile on OnlyFans, the Hollywood actress famously followed suit a week later.

Denise has justified her gutsy move, saying she made it to deflect criticism from her child.

In an interview with Sirius XM’s Jeff Lewis Live, she remarked, “I’ve done things in my career, I’ve done Playboy and obviously Wild Things, and I’ve done sexual shots before advertising movies and stuff like that.”


Denise, who played Ross and Monica’s cousin Cassie on Friends, was one of the show’s most recognizable and memorable guest actors.

After Cassie’s arrival, the cast goes crazy for her slow-mo hair flip.

(Source: Youtube/@ Favourite Videos)

Her honey blonde waves were instantly recognizable and got many celebrities into trouble, including her own cousin Ross on a quiet movie night.

Cassie sported a classic outfit, complete with a big blowout, a sleeveless shirt, several choker necklaces, and tight, low-rise trousers.


Denise, who adores any chance to dress up, has become known for her unforgettable Catwoman costume each Halloween.

The former Bond girl made the most of the opportunity to show off her gorgeous figure in a black bodysuit, knee-high boots, and see-through stockings.

She wore a huge, black, fluffy jacket over her one-piece, which she fastened at the bust with laces.

(Source: Instagram/@deniserichards)

Denise’s costume accessories consisted of a pair of black, fluffy ears and a black face mask that covered her eyes.