Denise Richards gives her raunchy OnlyFans a free gift: revealing lingerie photos

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For her birthday, former actress Denise Richards made her raunchy fan site OnlyFans available for free, so she celebrated by posting a series of revealing photos.

Racy underwear photographs of Denise Richards are a free bonus for her raunchy OnlyFans

Denise Richards gives her raunchy OnlyFans a free gift: revealing lingerie photos

In honor of her birthday, Denise Richards has astonished fans with some stunning new photos.

Denise was holding a cute puppy while pouting for the camera in the first photo.

She accessorized her loose updo of honey blonde hair with long, puffy eyelashes and a plain white robe.

As Richards looked down at the adorable puppy, a black lingerie item she was wearing slid off her shoulder.

Denise was seen in a second photo, holding her phone to her face in front of a mirror as she posed for a selfie.

The blonde bombshell had curly hair and a sly grin on her face as she snapped the picture.

Richards put her hand on her hip as she posed in a black lace bodysuit that showed off her model physique.

She finished off the appearance by applying heavy eye makeup and striking a posture in front of a massive white door.

Denise went outside and rested her head on her balcony for the third time, watching the turquoise waves crash against the coast.

The actress flashed her toned body in a similar lingerie set as she kicked one leg out to the side in a pair of strappy high heels.

In the last of her four photos, the actress can be seen fixing her makeup in the bathroom mirror.

Denise wore a sequined robe with feathers at the cuffs, making her look like an old Hollywood movie star.

Richards posted her lovely photos to Instagram, and her fans went wild.

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She expressed her gratitude for the birthday greetings she received by writing,  “Thank you so much for all the lovely birthday wishes, so grateful for all the love!”

As Richards left, admirers flocked to shower the actress with affection, and she signed off with a glitter, party popper, and a smiley face emoji.

“Still one of the sexiest women on earth!” someone wrote.

A third wished her,  “Happy birthday, you are very beautiful and I have had a crush on you for so long.”

Someone else tapped out, “Happy birthday you beautiful, beautiful woman. Never change.”

Others gathered and complimented her beauty, using words like “beautiful” and “lovely.”