Demi Lovato on Makeup Inspiration & Her Signature Beauty Looks


Demi Lovato is not afraid to experiment with her beauty look: her bright hair and statement makeup always stands out, and now she has revealed where she searches for unique makeup inspiration. The singer and actress says she loves to browse the internet for makeup photos, and often shows what she finds to her makeup artist. However, she does also have her own signature beauty look which is usually either a bright lip or smoky eye:

”I look for inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest. I love finding random beauty looks on there and showing them to my make-up artist. My signature beauty looks are pretty simple. I love a smoky eye or a red lip, but it’s funny because I don’t like to wear make-up unless I go all the way in – it’s all or nothing!”

Kylie Jenner has been getting a lot of attention lately for her painted on big lips and Demi has commented that she has tried out the look herself, but thinks it’s very difficult to get it right:

”Oh my God, I totally have. I look stupid. She [Kylie] looks great. I don’t know how she can do it, but I draw lips on and I look ridiculous.”

Demi has previously suffered through an eating disorder and says she now tries to have a healthier outlook about her diet and body in general. She explains that she does her best to put her own health first:

“Learning to love yourself isn’t just one thing. It’s a matter of taking care of yourself. One thing that helped me to gain body confidence is realising that I only get one body, so every time I go to eat something I think, ‘Is this benefitting my body?’ Sometimes it’s not, but that’s OK.”