Daily Themed Crossword Clues and Answers for May 27 2023

What is the Daily Themed Crossword game ?

Daily Themed Crossword  is one of the most popular crossword apps on Android  and iOS developed by PlaySimple Games. Each day, you are assigned a crossword themed game along with a Mini puzzle. Choose from a wide range of themes such as Movies, Sports, Technology, Games, History, Architecture …

Daily Themed Crossword Clues and Answers for May 27 2023

Below you will find a list of all the clues & answers within the Daily Themed Crossword puzzle for May 27, 2023

Clue Answer
Groceries holder BAG
Went over the limit as in a car SPED
I’ve got it! exclamation AHA
Bottom-heavy fruit that’s poached PEAR
Eve’s grandson (anagram of nose) ENOS
So funny! on the Internet: Abbr. LOL
Rant and ___ (go off on a tangent) RAVE
Currency in Madrid or Berlin EURO
Social networking service created by Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe that was popular in the 2000s MYSPACE
Home appliance with a screen and a remote: 2 wds. TVSET
Synonym and anagram of yea AYE
Reuben sandwich bread RYE
Coin-producing place MINT
File-sharing application predominantly used to share audio files that was popular in the 2000s NAPSTER
Tasmanian ___ (flightless Australian bird that is now extinct) EMU
Arctic wolf color WHITE
Actress Thurman who has a species of lizard named after her UMA
Email service popular in the ’90s and 2000s acquired by Microsoft and rebranded as Outlook HOTMAIL
Logical matchstick game NIM
Radiator output HEAT
Red dessert wine PORT
Why was ___ afraid of seven? SIX
Uncle’s wife AUNT
Computer services company with Navigator and Communicator web browsers that were popular in the ’90s and 2000s NETSCAPE
Air France destination near Paris (anagram of lory) ORLY
Dubai’s and Sharjah’s country: Abbr. UAE
Blackhearted or sinister EVIL
Writer Willy of The Conquest of Space LEY
Before I forget… in DMs: Abbr. BTW
Onion cousin that sounds like leak LEEK

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Clue Answer
Soothing ointment BALM
Greetings matey! AHOY
Square dance women say GALS
What a dove or V sign may represent PEACE
Protruding edge of a roof EAVE
Dr. ___ rapper who mentored Eminem DRE
Ask ___ answer engine popular in the ’90s and 2000s now called Ask.com JEEVES
Heavy burden of responsibility ONUS
Person that’s dull company say BORE
Heavy drinker SOT
-a-cake (children’s game) PAT
Blood ___ (donor datum) TYPE
Mouse’s sewer-dwelling cousin RAT
I couldn’t care less response MEH
Death on the ___ (2022 mystery film) NILE
Common sandwich fish TUNA
Radiate as light EMIT
Battering ___ (door-breaking device) RAM
Hang on a minute! WAIT
Wasn’t the seeker in a children’s game HID
McFly Michael J. Fox’s character in Back to the Future MARTY
What the H in HMS may stand for HIS
Microsoft’s spreadsheet software EXCEL
Unadulterated as food PURE
the Good Die Young (1977 Billy Joel song) ONLY
Slow-cooked meat-and-veggies dish STEW
Instant Messenger aka AIM instant messaging service that was popular in the ’90s AOL
Worn-down pencil say NUB
Ready-to-___ (supermarket offering) EAT
NYC’s Fifth or Madison for short AVE
Dessert used as a prank projectile PIE
Moose’s smaller relative ELK

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