Cosmetic Surgery in Hollywood: How It Has Changed Over the Years


Plastic surgery is nothing new in Hollywood and we’re already used to celebrities altering their appearances and trying out experimental beauty products (everything from the vampire blood facial to snail gel). However, did you know that cosmetic surgery actually dates back as far as 800 b.c.? It has since been evolving of course, but strangely there has been evidence of physicians in India utilizing skin grafts during that period.

It may also surprise you to learn that Marilyn Monroe apparently had her face altered with cosmetic surgery – so she actually invented her own iconic image. An x-ray confirmed that the actress had a chin implant and a nose surgery in the 1950s which changed her looks subtly to create her now very memorable appearance. She also used to dye her hair that famous platinum blonde shade, a task she would have to repeat very regularly to hide her natural darker hair. Marilyn wasn’t the only vintage Hollywood icon who experimented with changing her own looks – Marlene Dietrich reportedly used surgical tape to pull back the skin on her face, tucking the tape in to her hair line so it wouldn’t be seen and giving her skin a lifted look.


Celebrities continue to use surgery to stay looking youthful in the hopes of landing more work and creating their own aspiration image. Many stars have recently admitted to trying botox in the past including Nicole Kidman, Simon Cowell, Gwyneth Paltrow and more. Other celebs have opted for gentle laser treatments that renew skin cell quicker, giving them a fresh faced glow with minimal effort. Some stars have dropped big bucks on altering their bodies – plenty of celebrities have also admitted to having breast implants at one point such as Victoria Beckham, Pamela Anderson and Scarlett Johansson.

There is also a growing trend for celebrities to quickly drop baby weight or move down a dress size in an instant with many turning to liposuction techniques or other cosmetic treatments to help them along the way. One popular treatment is Vaser Liposuction. Using ultrasound which conveniently breaks up fat cells that are then removed with a tube, this technique is growing in popularity and it’s not even required to stay overnight after this treatment, so busy stars can drop in, lose up to two dress sizes during the treatment and leave the same day.

With such dramatic innovations happening in the cosmetics industry, it’s easy to see why it continues to grow in popularity. Treatments have never been so simple and easy!