Ciara Shares Her Top Budget Beauty Product & Travel Tips


Ciara is known for her gorgeous glowing complexion and the singer doesn’t only use super expensive products on her skin. She reveals that after she takes off her makeup, she often turns to budget brand Cetaphil to give her skin a moisture boost. She found out how amazing the product is after using it on her baby and now loves the simple inexpensive product:

“I always follow up with a moisturizer. It may sound crazy, but Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion is really good. I use it on myself and my baby. And since I wash my face frequently, Cetaphil makes sure it doesn’t dry out. It also really helps if you’ve just got a lot of sun.”

Sharing her travel beauty secrets, Ciara says drinking lots of water is the key to stepping off a flight looking radiant, while she also suggests sleeping as much as possible and she always carries a concealer in her purse for quick touch-ups:

“Tons of water. And if you’re on a red-eye, make sure you sleep the whole flight. And because I can’t have my glam squad in my purse, I carry concealer for a lift when my eyes feel heavy.”

Revealing her tip for getting red carpet ready, Ciara says it’s all about eating moderately before a big event so there’s no bloated feeling and she even drinks less water:

“Making sure I’m not over-indulging, don’t want the belly to bulge. There is a unique way to eat on the day of red carpet. You just scale everything back — even water. You just refrain from doing all the heavy foods that are going to make you bloat. And then cut the water intake back too.”