Christine McGuinness flaunts her incredible physique while performing a series of Ashtanga yoga poses to alleviate her ‘autism anxiety’


On Thursday, Christine McGuinness posted a yoga video to Instagram, showing off her remarkable flexibility to her 710,000 followers.

Christine McGuinness shows off her incredible flexibility while doing yoga in a sports bra and leggings to relieve her ‘autism anxiety’

The 35-year-old TV personality looked stunning in a sports bra and leggings while performing a series of Ashtanga yoga poses.

The model demonstrated backbends and shoulder stands with ease in the video, titled “Working on HER.”

She went on to tell her followers that she had recently increased her yoga practice in order to protect her mental health.

According to research, autistic people are more prone to anxiety, with up to half of all autistic people experiencing high levels of anxiety on a regular basis.

When asked if yoga helped her autism anxiety, Christine replied: ‘yes, I’ve been terrible recently really bad with it, yoga definitely helps.’

Christine responded when another fan suggested she become a teacher: ‘❤️ Thank you, I find yoga helps my mind so much.’


Christine was diagnosed with autism in 2021, and her BBC documentary, Unmasking My Autism, recently explored the late diagnosis of the developmental disability in women.

The blonde beauty divorced her husband of 11 years, Paddy, in 2022, with the couple still living in their home to keep things as ‘normal as possible’ for their three autistic children.

Christine explained in detail during an interview with Heart: ‘It’s a positive thing that I’m autistic and my three children are because we understand each other so much more.

‘It’s a blessing and I love it. I know when to give them a time out and I know they’re not being difficult.’

After an assessment that she described as a “long process,” she was diagnosed at the age of 31 – a result that she described as “instant relief.”

She previously stated that she would be eternally grateful to her children for teaching her about a condition she was previously unaware of, claiming that this has helped her come to understand herself.

The three-parent mother stated: ‘So I got diagnosed at 31 and it was just instant relief, like the penny dropped.

‘And it was quite an emotional day. Suddenly, my whole life had made sense. It’s been a completely different life since, it’s been so much better.’

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