Christine McGuinness, 35, shows off her long legs in a black swimsuit as she relaxes on a sun-soaked holiday

Christine McGuinness sent hearts racing when she showed off her great form in a sultry swimwear photo she uploaded on Wednesday.

Christine McGuinness flaunts her amazing form in a black swimsuit

Christine McGuinness, 35, shows off her long legs in a black swimsuit as she relaxes on a sun-soaked holiday

The model, 35, flaunted her sun-kissed tan while relaxing on a balcony during an exquisite sun-soaked vacation.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire star wore a black one-piece with straps down the sides.

Christine wore sunglasses and let her blonde hair fall loose down her shoulders.

Christine has recently been tweeting updates from her current vacation, including photos of her toned back as she watched the sunset on Tuesday during her picturesque break.

She wore a black halter neck dress for the Instagram photos, which accentuated her tiny body and bronzed tan well.

Christine was sure to get everyone’s attention when she gave off a glimpse of side-boob after going braless beneath the silky summer dress.

Christine smiled at the camera while sitting on a sun bed in another photo.

The lovely lady looked radiant as she basked in the sun and took in the breathtaking scenery.

She wore her blonde hair in a ponytail for the day and accentuated her features with a sleek make-up palette.

Christine captioned her photos with a smart comment that read: ‘We all have two lives, the second starts when we realise we only have one.’

It’s unclear who the TV celebrity is vacationing with, although she was previously spotted getting cozy with her companion Chelcee Grimes.

The close pals couldn’t disguise their joy as they gathered in Liverpool for the Bank Holiday weekend.

Christine and Chelcee were spotted kissing and walking hand in hand on a night out in London in December before meeting up at Ten Streets Socials bank holiday club event and filming the female dancers there.

The couple, who have been photographed publicly several times since Christina’s divorce from Paddy, were overjoyed to see each other and embraced during the celebration.

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Christine McGuinness, clad in a black sports bra and skintight leggings, flexes her toned muscles and flaunts her flexibility by performing a handstand