Christine McGuinness, clad in a black sports bra and skintight leggings, flexes her toned muscles and flaunts her flexibility by performing a handstand

In a new Instagram post on Tuesday, Christine McGuinness flaunted her toned body by doing an outstanding handstand.

Christine McGuinness wore a skintight black sports bra and lilac leggings that showed off her toned abs

In the viral footage, she showed off her upper body strength by doing a handstand to advertise a sportswear company.

She also tried on a pair of beige sports bras with the figure-hugging leggings, a nude blazer, and a black cap for a different appearance.

Her honey hair was loosely draped over her shoulders, and she wore minimal makeup to highlight her features.

When she worked at her desk in her third and final outfit, she showed the varied stages of the day and the adaptability of the sportswear by wearing a beige duo.

After revealing earlier this month, ‘I don’t know life without him’, Christine opened out about her unconventional living arrangement with ex-husband Paddy McGuinness.

In June of 2018, after 11 years of marriage and three children, the stunning beauty and the 49-year-old host announced their separation.

Yet they’ve come clean about still being a family and living together for the sake of their children.

Christine discussed the agreement with OK! magazine, noting that she was unsure of how long it will survive.

She said: ‘It’s certainly not a long-term or forever plan. It works right now because we’re both so busy and we’re in and out of the home so we tend to swap days and we’ll share.

‘It’s much like any parent really – juggling jobs and children. We definitely don’t want to upset them or change anything too quickly, and for me as well.

‘I like slow changes, and we’re alright – we’re family. I’ve known Paddy for 15 years, so I don’t know life without him. It is what it is.’

She added: ‘He’s happy that I’ve found a place I’m comfortable in. He was very proud of my book and my documentary. He watched it and he loved it, and said he was really pleased that not only was I working but I was making a big difference as well.

‘It’s good he’s supportive because I need him to be. I need to be able to leave happily knowing the children are being looked after and safe. It’s partnership and teamwork.’

Christine said: ”It’s been absolutely fine, I don’t know any different than to live with him. I can’t remember not living with him, I’ve been with him since I was 19 years old.

‘We want to do what’s best for the children, it’s certainly not a long term plan. But for right now we don’t feel like anything needs to change frankly for me and for the children. I think slow change is better.

‘It works well, we’re both in and out the house quite often with work, we’ve both got busy schedules so it doesn’t make sense for us to rush into separate houses anytime soon. For as long as the kids are happy we’re happy.’