Caroline Issa Comments on How She Makes it Through Fashion Week

Tank magazine founder and fashion editor Caroline Issa has opened up on how she makes it through Fashion Week. Caroline not only attends the various presentations, but is also known for her amazing street style and turns up each day in another unique outfit. She explains that she feels she must go to shows to discover exactly what is happening on the catwalk so she can pass this on directly to readers:

“I go to the shows because that’s what our business is about; it’s about supporting young talent; it’s about showcasing creativity and the main bit of my business is publishing a magazine and our readers, they want a balance of what Dior is doing alongside what Tome is doing. It’s more about discovery, getting inspired, what shows inspire you to create an amazing photo shoot for the next season. I come to get inspired, to learn more and figure out who we can support.”

She admits it can be difficult to find balance when travelling and fitting in so much, but she has learnt to cope and says technology has become a lifesaver in recent years:

“I don’t know if I’m handling it that well, you just become a master juggler. Sometimes jet lag works in your favour so I wake up really early and do my emails in the morning and I’m running around. I mean, technology, thank god for it. It’s like a saviour for all of us who are juggling shows plus your regular workload.”

The editor says she is always scouting the next big thing and loves finding raw talent, while she is continually interested in what big labels are also creating: “In my role as a fashion editor I’m always on the lookout for great new talent so I try to see as many new designer collections, whether that’s a presentation or a runway show, as possible, and then obviously I want to see what all the big established brands are doing.”