Carol Vorderman wears a skintight leather top and a beautiful matching skirt to flaunt her eye-catching curves

The 62-year-old ex-Countdown star posed for a promotional photo looking absolutely stunning in a hot leather outfit.

Carol Vorderman wears a skintight leather top and a sleek, matching skirt to flaunt her eye-catching curves

She was promoting her daily quiz podcast, Perfect10Carol, in which listeners had 10 minutes to answer 10 questions for 10 points.

In her most recent Instagram image on Monday, Carol Vorderman traded in her make-up-free, cargo-pants clad experience for a wholly more beautiful outfit.

Carol looked stunning in her outfit, which accentuated her tiny waist and big cleavage to perfection.

Carol Vorderman is “ready to burst” in new images as she takes off her leather outfit.

Carol Vorderman made a lot of men hot and bothered after she unzipped a leather costume and revealed her glitzy underwear.

For over 40 years, Carol’s gorgeous body and playful personality have wowed crowds.

Carol uploaded an Instagram snapshot of herself in which she posed in a skintight black leather jumpsuit, radiating class and sexiness.

Carol discussed her body positivity and the fact that she got rid of her bathroom scales in 1999 during her participation on I’m A Celebrity… South Africa.

The girls joined Myleene Klass at camp and talked about how and when they made the decision to “not be ruled by a number.”

Carol, a TV host who frequently posts photos of herself with a revealing outfit, said she had “not known her weight this century.”

Carol commented, “I only go on dress size,”¬†whereas Myleene said that after having her two daughters, she tossed away her scales.

She went on to say, “Every woman knows the feeling when you get on the scales in the morning and it appears that your weight has gone up. “Oh I put on three pounds”, but you haven’t put on three pounds of fat in a day, you cannot physically do that.”

“You have probably retained water. I know how big I am or not by my volume so I just go on how my clothes fit really. I call it half a dress size. So I’m basically a size 10. And it I might go down to a ‘size nine’ or up to a size 11, and that’s fine with me.”

“I threw mine out in 1999. I have not known my weight this century.”

Myleene said, “The second I had daughters I threw the scales away. People ask me my weight all the time and I never know it.”

“Why would you let somebody measure themselves, measure their value, measure their contribution on a scale?”