Ageless beauty Carol Vorderman demonstrates her extraordinary range of motion in skintight leggings

I’m A Celeb… South Africa star Carol Vorderman demonstrated her flexibility and fitness with a series of sweaty photos from her latest workout, and admirers couldn’t get enough.

Carol Vorderman flaunted her impressive range of motion in revealing gym garb

(Image: Instagram/ @carolvorders)

The 62-year-old is used to showing off her flawless appearance, and her fans couldn’t be happier.

The I’m a Celebrity contestant was busy on Wednesday, too, posting a gym selfie for her 339k Instagram followers.

Carol posted several steamy photos from her recent workout to her Instagram account.

The ageless beauty, dressed in a tight top and tights, demonstrated her incredible range of motion by bringing her leg up to her head.

(Image: Instagram/ @carolvorders)

With her signature long blonde hair falling over her shoulders, Carol smiled for the camera as she worked out in another photo.

The Countdown icon worked out in her natural beauty, barefaced but for a pair of neon green sneakers that served as a fun accent.

Other photos showed Carol working out, with an emphasis on her toned abs and hourglass shape.

(Image: Instagram/ @carolvorders)

She wrote, “I love a gym workout with @meldeane BOOOM!” as the post’s caption.

It comes after viewers of I’m a Celebrity got angry earlier this week when Carol went through a “unfair” trial.

Tanks of Torment was a high-stakes trial that Carol and her companion camper Fatima Whitbread participated in on Tuesday’s program. The task required the presenter to swim across tanks containing crocodiles and snakes.

For this mission, Carol had to swim through four tanks in order to collect stars, but she couldn’t pass through the doors until Fatima opened them up by turning the knobs up front.

But when it came down to the wire and camp’s last chance to earn more stars, Carol started to feel the pressure.

Carol had to go into a room with fresh air, but when she did, she found a huge snake waiting for her.

Despite having seven stars already, Carol’s fear of drowning caused her to become emotionally unstable and cause her to abandon the trial.

Anger at the “unfair” trial quickly spread among supporters, who took to Twitter to express their displeasure.