Carol Vorderman, 62, is nearly unrecognizable in a sunbathing-in-space-themed swimwear photo from the 1980s

(Source: Instagram)

In this old photograph, Carol Vorderman can be seen striking a pose while wearing a scanty brown swimsuit.

62-year-old Carol Vorderman is almost unrecognizably different in a 1980s sunbathing in space-themed swimwear

The 62-year-old is always up to her old tricks, including posting a racy photo from her youth.

Carol posted a selfie from 2010 on her Instagram, and her followers were quick to gush that she looks great now.

Carol smiled for the camera while directing attention to her bare chest in the stunning photo.

Carol’s exquisite form sprang out of the brown tiny two piece as she let her signature chocolate locks fall loosely over her shoulders.

She was photographed in front of a window on the International Space Station, where she gazed out at the cosmos.

(Source: Instagram)

She told her followers that she “sunbathed in space,” but then clarified that just her photo was launched into orbit.

“In 2010 a friend of mine from NASA was so kind on his trip to the International Space Station and took up a few trinkets for my family including this photo of me” the stunning mother of two wrote in the caption.

“He took a photo of the photo in the ISS with earth behind and I treasure it. It means ‘I’ve sunbathed in space’. Ha.”

“Cut to 2023 and a beloved astronaut friend of mine (formerly NASA and legendary) is now the Chief Astronaut for Axiom Space. ‘I’m off to see his launch scheduled for November. So he’s said he’ll take something up to the ISS for me this time.

“I’ve decided to choose a ring – the problem is, I don’t have one.”

“As you know I’m allergic to wedding rings and useless at choosing things, so can you help? Send me some ideas in the comments.”

(Source: Instagram)

The TV host quickly became the subject of gushing fan praise after posting a flashback photo of herself.

One fan commented, “Lucky fella what a view,” while another noted, “Out of this world photo!”

A next person, in agreement with the first two, exclaims, “Wow, what a beautiful pic.”

A number of I’m a Celebrity followers suggested that the celebrity send into space an assortment of goods, including a “haribo ring” and a “locket of your hair.”