QUESTIONABLE! Cardi B removed tattoo of her son’s name on face?

Cardi B surprised fans last week by revealing a new face tattoo honoring her son, but some believe she has already grown tired of the attention.

Cardi B makes fans wonder if she already got rid of her face tattoo

The rapper, 30, has apparently had enough of the backlash she’s received for her controversial facial tattoo.

After debuted her new tattoo only days ago, many fans are wondering if she has already covered it up.

The rapper only showed off her new tattoo on last Thursday, and already people have strong opinions about it.

(Image: iamcardib/Instagram)

She tweeted a photo of her sporting a new facial tattoo, which was met with a variety of reactions. She claims, however, that she adores the layout.

The singer shared the first extreme close-up of her prominent face marking, which she got in honor of her son, who is now a year old.

She has shown how much she enjoys the artwork by getting the name of the child, “Wave,” tattooed across her jawline in red ink.

Her post was accompanied by the following caption: “I love my face tatt,” before adding a red-heart emoji.

She recently uploaded a Story to Instagram that makes it appear as though the tattoo is no longer visible, leaving her followers and admirers guessing.

(Image: iamcardib/Instagram)

She didn’t reveal her entire face, but viewers saw enough to assume the scribble was erased.

The 30-year-old told her 155 million followers in a video where she discussed her voice problems that her children are sick.

(Image: iamcardib/Instagram)

Cardi has recently been spotted performing community service while dressed in nearly $10,000 worth of designer clothing.

After completing her duties, the musician urged her fans to ‘obey the law’. She served her 15-day community service sentence in a Chanel knitted hat and high-end footwear.

She said: “Community service has been the best thing that has happened to me. Almost like a spiritual journey because sometimes I leave these centers in tears. Those people that we leave behind, they just need somebody to talk, and a lil push and YOU might be able to change their life forever,”