Britney Spears Speaks on Haters & How Her Sons View Her Career

Britney Spears is back in the spotlight these days as an X Factor judge, and she’s opening up in a new interview too. The singer comments that now she is used to the haters that are in the business and that often people also show hate towards themselves, especially if they are a perfectionist like she is. She says in the past she has put pressure on herself to make everything to the best of her ability but she doesn’t feel any regret because of it:

“It’s just something that you get used to in this business. I think most people are their own worst critics. I’m a perfectionist. I want things done a certain way. I am hard on myself but not regretful.”

Commenting on what her sons Jayden James and Sean Preston think about her career, Britney says they haven’t yet figured out much about her fame and she doesn’t exactly tell them what she’s doing when she’s filming X Factor, so they’ve decided that when she’s at work she’s doing her superhero duties:

“They’re in the middle right now of trying to figure it out. They try to figure out where I go when I go to film X Factor. They’re like, ‘Mommy’s going off to be a superhero.’ and then I get back, and they just see me as Mommy. And then when I’m back working on the show, they say, ‘Oh, Mommy’s a superhero again!’”

On what makes fiance Jason Trawick different to the men she’s previously been with, Britney jokes that he’s accepting of her relaxed dress sense:

“He was sweet. He says he doesn’t mind that I sit around in sweats all the time.”