Brawl Stars Championship Challenge Guide – Maps, team compositions and best builds for February 2023

Brawl Stars Championship Guide

This Brawl Stars Championship Challenge guide covers everything from the maps used in the challenges to the best team compositions and helpful hints.

Brawl Stars Championship Challenge Guide – Tournament Format

To qualify for the online qualifiers, you must win 15 matches in 5 game modes. You’ll be able to use all gadgets, star powers, and gears to keep the playing field level. Make sure you don’t have too many losses to overcome because you won’t be able to qualify if you have three or more losses.

Game modes and maps

Brawl Ball – Sneaky Fields

The exciting Brawl Ball never gets old. While the main goal is to push the ball to the opposite side and score a goal, brawlers like Poco aren’t as useful as a brawler like Nita. As a result, brawlers with extreme strength in the close-mid range should be used. This mode is best suited to Nita, Sam, Buster, Otis, and Jacky.

Brawl Stars Championship Guide 1
Team Compositions

  • Buster, Jacky, Nita
  • Nita, Otis,Sam
  • Gus, Jacky, Otis

Gadgets and Star Powers

  • Buster: Slow-Mo Replay, Kevlar Vest
  • Gus: Kooky Popper, Health Bonanza
  • Jacky: Rebuild, Counter Crush 
  • Nita: Faux Fur, Hyper Bear
  • Otis: Phat Splatter, Ink Refills
  • Sam: Magnetic Field, Hearty Recovery

Gem Grab – Double Swoosh

The object of Gem Grab is to collect 10 Gems and capture them before the 10-second timer expires. In this mode, brawlers like Sam and Mandy are highly recommended. Brawlers like Ash, Chester, Eve, and Meg can also be used. These brawlers combined properly will form a devastating combo.

Brawl Stars Championship Guide 2
Team Compositions

  • Ash, Meg, Sam
  • Ash, Chester, Mandy
  • Eve, Mandy, Meg

Gadgets and Star Powers

  • Ash: Chill Pill, First Bash
  • Chester: Spicy Dice, Bellomania
  • Eve: Gotta Go, Happy Surprise 
  • Mandy: Caramelize, In My Sights
  • Meg: Jolting Volts, Force Field
  • Sam: Magnetic Field, Hearty Recovery 

Heist – Pit Stop

In Heist, both sides focus on destroying the enemy safely. Whichever team busts open the enemy safe first wins. If time runs out, the team that caused more damage to the enemy team’s safe is declared the winner. In this mode, Gray, Bonnie, Edgar, Sam, and Buzz are ideal brawlers to be looked at. 

Team Compositions

  • Bonnie, Sam, Edgar.
  • Buzz, Sam, Gray.
  • Gray, Sam, Bonnie. 

Gadgets and Star Powers

  • Bonnie: Sugar Rush and Black Powder 
  • Buzz: X-Ray-Shades and Eyes Sharp
  • Edgar: Hardcore and Fisticuffs
  • Gray: Walking Cane and New Perspective
  • Sam: Magnetic Field and Hearty Recovery

Hot Zone – Open Zone 

The map, as the name implies, is open, putting close-range brawlers at a disadvantage. This means that brawlers like Poco and Barley will come in handy. However, if players want to use close-range brawlers, Bull and Rosa are two excellent choices.

Team Compositions

  • Barley, Bull, Poco
  • Barley, Bull, Rosa
  • Otis, Poco, Sam

Gadgets and Star Powers

  • Barley: Sticky Syrup Mixer, Medical Use
  • Bull: Stomper, Tough Guy
  • Otis: Phat Splatter, Ink Refills
  • Poco: Tuning Fork, Da Capo
  • Rosa: Unfriendly Bushes, Plant Life
  • Sam: Magnetic Field, Hearty Recovery 

Knockout – Goldarm Gulch

Knockout is a fast-paced knockout mode in which each player has only one life per round. Knockout is a best-of-three mode that requires an all-around performance to win. Brawlers like Bo, Jacky, Mandy, Janet, and Gray are currently the best to go for.

Team Compositions

  • Bo, Gray, Jacky
  • Bo, Janet, Mandy
  • Gray, Jacky, Mandy

Gadgets and Star Powers

  • Bo: Super Totem and Circling Eagle
  • Gray: Walking Cane and New Perspective
  • Jacky: Rebuild and Counter Crush
  • Janet: Backstage Pass and Vocal Warm Up 
  • Mandy: Caramelize and In My Sights

With a wide variety of exciting game modes and a ferociously competitive atmosphere, the Brawl Stars Championship Challenge is a must-try for any Brawl Stars players. With the unique set of brawlers now available, we anticipate new strategies, team compositions, and overall top-tier gameplay from players.