Blake Lively Wears Weird Plastic Boob Dress to ‘Croods’ Premiere


Remember what the old Blake Lively used to be like? She used to go to cool fashion parties and wear extremely fashionable clothes that made everyone notice her. Then she disappeared for a while, ‘Gossip Girl‘ ended and she married Ryan Reynolds secretly. Now she seems to rarely make public appearances and although she is likely to still be working on movies (she is!), her profile seems much lower. The actress attended Ryan’s premiere for new film ‘Croods’ and she wore a strange purple mini-dress which had an odd plastic boob insert that looked just awful – it is obviously supposed to look futuristic and innovative but it fails miserably.

The rest of the look is plan at best: white heels, loose hair, minimal and a huge white smile that looks like a Colgate endorsement. Her beauty look is great and she looks as pretty as ever but she has some catching up to do when it comes to fashion. She used to always get it right, but part of her style is about taking risks and this one just doesn’t pay off at all, it just has a weirdness to it that doesn’t look normal. Blake looks generally happy and is likely to prove just how stylish she is again in the future s0 we’ll have to let Mrs. Reynolds have a pass on this one and see how she does the next time around. Time to call Karl Lagerfeld and ask for some freebie Chanel for your wardrobe.