Best Basketball Players Over 6-foot 10-inches

We’ll go over the best NBA players under 6-foot 10-inches in the list below.

Best Basketball Players Over 6-foot 10-inches

The NBA is perhaps best known for its players’ above-average height and length. NBA players are generally taller than the general population, with many towering over the general population.

While some NBA players, particularly those who play the center position, are as tall as 7-feet, the majority of NBA players are taller than 6-feet.

Inches and how these players use their tall stature to dominate their positions on the court. In the list below, we’ll look at the best NBA players under 6-foot-10 inches.

Best Basketball Players Over 6-foot 10-inches
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  • Jarrett Allen

Jarrett Allen is one of our favorite players if only for his signature afro hairstyle. Jarrett Allen, who currently plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, played college basketball for the Texas Longhorns before being drafted 22nd overall by the Brooklyn Nets in the 2017 NBA draft.

He was the Nets’ second youngest player ever, having joined the team at the age of 19 years and 182 days. However, he was traded from the Nets in exchange for the superstar deal that brought James Harden to the team.

George Mikan died on June 1, 2005, after being born on June 18, 1924. He was known as “Mr. Basketball” because he was one of the league’s best players and stood 6’10”.

Mikan is regarded as one of the modern game’s pioneers, having redefined what it meant to be a big man by being a prolific rebounder, shot blocker, and shooter over smaller opponents.

In fact, George Mikan was so fundamentally sound in basketball that he inspired an entire type of practice called the Mikan Drill.

  • Kevin McHale

Kevin McHale, born December 19, 1957, is a retired NBA player, coach, and analyst who spent his entire career with the Boston Celtics. He was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and is regarded as one of the best power forwards of all time.

He was named Minnesota Mr. Basketball in high school and went on to play at the University of Minnesota, where he was named to two first-team All-Conference teams.

The Celtics selected him third overall in the 1980 NBA draft, and he would go on to play an important role off the bench, earning the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year Award twice.

  • Willis Reed

Willis Reed worked in the NBA as a player, coach, and general manager. He was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1982 after spending his entire professional career with the New York Knicks.

He was a two-time NBA champion, a two-time NBA Finals MVP, and the NBA MVP in the 1970 NBA season.

He was named to both the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History and the NBA 75th Anniversary Team. He was also named to the NBA All-Star Game seven times and won the NBA All-Star Game MVP award in 1970.

  • Anthony Davis

Anthony Marshon Davis Jr., who was born on March 11, 1993, is a 6’10” NBA player. He is currently a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, where he plays both power forward and center alongside LeBron James.

He is an eight-time NBA All-Star and has been named to four All-NBA First-Teams as well as NBA All-Defense Teams. And he would win an NBA championship in his first season with the Lakers.

In college, Anthony Davis was a first-team All-American and the consensus National Player of the Year for the storied University of Kentucky. Furthermore, he led the NCAA in blocks and set the freshman single-season blocked shot record.

After only one year of college basketball, he entered the NBA draft and was selected first overall by the New Orleans Pelicans in the 2012 NBA draft.

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  • Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant played one season of college basketball for the Texas Longhorns before being selected as the second overall pick in the 2007 NBA draft by the Seattle SuperSonics.

He spent nine seasons with the franchise, which was renamed the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2008, before joining the Golden State Warriors in 2016, where he won consecutive NBA titles in 2017 and 2018.

After suffering an Achilles injury in the 2019 NBA Finals, he signed as a free agent with the Nets that summer. Durant is widely regarded as one of the all-time great players.

Kevin Durant appeared in 55 games for the 2021-22 NBA season, averaging 29.9 points per game, 7.4 rebounds, and 6.4 assists. Durant, who has a player efficiency rating of 25.6, is by far the best player on the Brooklyn Nets right now.