Pathfinder Takes the Spotlight: Leak Points to Next Apex Legends Prestige Skin

Hold onto your grapple hooks, fellow Legends! A recent leak might have just spilled the beans on the recipient of the next coveted Apex Legends Prestige skin: the one and only Pathfinder.

Pathfinder Soars to the Top: Next Apex Legends Prestige Skin Revealed (Maybe)

According to KralRindo, a reputable Apex Legends leaker, the friendly neighborhood MRVN, Pathfinder, is slated to be the next Legend to receive the highly sought-after Prestige skin. While the design remains shrouded in mystery for now, data miners have unearthed evidence within the game files suggesting its imminent arrival.

prestige pathfinder apex legends
Image via @kralrindo

Release Date Up in the Air

KralRindo didn’t provide a specific release date, but considering Season 21 is just around the corner, it’s safe to assume Pathfinder’s shiny new skin will be dropping sometime soon. This coincides perfectly with Pathfinder’s immense popularity, currently boasting the second-highest pick rate at a whopping 8.6%. It’s clear the developers recognize his appeal and are rewarding his fans accordingly.

Lifeline’s Mythic Move

This leak also sheds light on the fate of Lifeline’s previously rumored Prestige skin. Back in January, whispers circulated about Lifeline being the next Legend in line for a Mythic skin. However, KralRindo suggests a “change of plans” has shifted the focus, with the Combat Medic likely receiving her Mythic treatment in Season 22. This might be a blow to Lifeline players, but at least Forward Scout enthusiasts can celebrate Pathfinder’s upcoming Mythic glory!

With Apex Legends Season 21 on the horizon, expect more details about Pathfinder’s Mythic skin to surface soon. Will it be a sleek, futuristic design paying homage to his MRVN origins, or perhaps something entirely unexpected? The wait is on!

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