Best 5 Hide and Seek (Prop Hunt) Maps in Fortnite Creative Mode

Hide and Seek (also known as Prop Hunt) maps in Fortnite are a fun way to challenge your friends to see who is the best at disguise, and we’ve got you covered with the coolest map codes in Creative mode to try out.

Best 5 Hide and Seek (Prop Hunt) Maps in Fortnite Creative Mode

The Simpsons Prop Hunt

  • 8871-0352-3843

Step into the iconic world of The Simpsons with this Prop Hunt map that recreates the family’s house. Disguise yourself as a couch, hide in Bart’s treehouse, or blend in with the family portraits in the living room. Just be careful not to get caught by Homer!

Honey I Shrunk Fortnite

  • 4185-2533-4702
fortnite Hide and Seek maps
Image via mtl_rellik

Imagine being shrunk down to the size of an ant in your own house. That’s the premise of this classic Hide and Seek map, where everyday objects become giant obstacles and hiding spots. Climb blades of grass, crawl through ant hills, and take cover inside Venus flytraps to avoid the Seeker’s gaze.

Mansion Murder Mystery

  • 9850-2841-2309

This beautifully designed mansion isn’t just for hiding. A murder is afoot, and it’s up to the Detective and the innocent players to work together and solve the mystery before it’s too late. Be careful, though – the murderer could be anyone!

Friday the 13th

  • 4250-7193-5946

Channel your inner horror fan with this chilling Prop Hunt map inspired by Friday the 13th. Campers must either hide and survive the night or team up to defeat Jason Voorhees. Just remember, staying together might not always be the best strategy…

Home Alone Prop Hunt

  • 1468-8833-8480
Image via mara blind

Relive the holiday season in this Prop Hunt map based on the iconic Home Alone movie. Explore the McCallister house, booby-trap the stairs (just kidding!), and try to outsmart the Wet Bandits.

How to Use Map Codes

Using map codes in Fortnite is easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Load up Fortnite and press the “Change Mode” button in the lobby.
  2. Scroll across to the “Island Code” tab.
  3. Enter the code for the map you want to visit.
  4. Return to the lobby and press the “Start” button.

With these tips and map codes, you’re ready to dive into some of the best Hide and Seek and Prop Hunt experiences Fortnite has to offer. So gather your friends, choose your map, and get ready for a thrilling game of hide-and-seek or prop-hunt!