Baldur’s Gate 3 Class Tier List: Best Classes, Subclasses, and Races

Baldur's Gate 3 Class Tier List
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Welcome, adventurers! Eager to forge your legend in the Forgotten Realms? Choosing the right class, subclass, and race in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a crucial first step. But fear not, for this guide is your trusty compass!

Baldur’s Gate 3 Class Tier List

Best Classes

First, let’s dispel the myth of “best” classes. Each one offers a distinct path to glory, from the unwavering might of a Fighter to the cunning shadowplay of a Rogue. While this tier list reflects my personal experience, remember, your enjoyment depends on what excites you. A C-tier class in my eyes might be your S-tier dream come true!

Tier Classes
S-Tier Fighter, Paladin, Rogue
A-Tier Sorcerer, Barbarian, Bard, Monk, Druid
B-Tier Wizard, Ranger
C-Tier Cleric, Warlock

Best Subclasses and Races

Similar to classes, the “best” subclass and race for each class are subjective and depend on your desired playstyle. However, some combinations offer natural synergy:

Class Subclass Race
Barbarian Wildheart, Berserker Half-Orc, Shield Dwarf
Cleric Life, Light, Tempest, Trickery Wood Half-Elf, Gold Dwarf
Fighter Battle Master, Eldritch Knight, Champion Shield Dwarf, Zariel Tiefling
Monk Way of Shadow, Way of the Four Elements, Way of the Open Hand Githyanki, Wood Half-Elf
Paladin Oath of the Ancients, Oath of Devotion, Oath of Vengence Zariel Tiefling, Half-Orc
Ranger Gloom Stalker, Hunter, Beast Master Wood Elf, Drow
Rogue Assassin, Thief, Arcane Trickster Wood Elf, Drow
Sorcerer Draconic Bloodline, Storm Sorcery, Wild Magic High Half-Elf, Wood Half-Elf
Warlock Great Old One, Archfey, Fiend High Half-Elf, Wood Half-Elf
Wizard Evocation, Conjuration, Necromancy High Half-Elf, Mephistopheles Tiefling
Bard College of Lore, College of Valour, College of Swords Lightfoot Halfling, Wood Half-Elf, Asmodeus Tiefling
Druid Circle of the Moon, Circle of Spores, Circle of the Land Gold Dwarf, Wood Elf

With so many options to choose from, creating your Baldur’s Gate 3 character can be a daunting task. But hopefully, this guide has given you some helpful tips for making the best decisions for your playthrough.