Ashley Tisdale on Her Favourite Californian Beach Beauty Look

Posted by PZ on April 5th, 2021


Actress Ashley Tisdale is launching her own beauty line, teaming up with BH Cosmetics to create her own personally selected makeup including palettes to create her favourite Californian beach beauty look. Ashley explains that she always has very specific beauty ideas and she wants her signature bronzed beach look to be a part of the new collection. She commented:

“I’m someone who loves make-up – I love doing my own make-up and getting my make-up done – and I had specific ideas for what I wanted the palettes to look like so they would represent me. I love the whole California beachy look, and I love glowy bronze. I think make-up is supposed to illuminate you. Hence, the title Illuminate.”

Ashley also adds that she’s not afraid to do her own makeup and often prefers it because she knows precisely how to get the look she has in mind:

“I’m not afraid. Sometimes when you’re working with a new make-up artist, they might not know exactly what you like, so it’s easier to do it yourself. You know exactly how you want a certain eye and how many lashes you want.”

Although she has felt reluctant to branch out into other areas, Ashley says she’s slowly changing her mind and trying out new business ventures:

“When I turned 30, I had a moment where I realised that if I wanted to do something, I should just go for it. In the past, I had fears. I would ask myself, ‘Am I ready to do a make-up line? Am I ready to do clothing?’ I never wanted to hurt my acting career, but now I realise you can do it all.”


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