Elle MacPherson Shares Her Natural Beach Beauty Secret


Top model Elle MacPherson, who still looks amazing aged 50, has revealed the beauty routine that keeps her looking glowing and youthful, including a unique beach beauty secret. The model is a big fan of exfoliating and says she even does it as regularly as twice daily. When she hits the beach, her secret is to mix some sand with moisturiser and turn it into a spa treatment:

“I exfoliate my face every day and my body twice a day – I shower in the morning and the evening. I use a body brush, which boosts circulation, and I always moisturize afterward. If I’m at the beach, I’ll just blend some moisturizer with sand and rub the mix all over my body, then rinse off in the ocean.”

Elle says she feels secure and confident and doesn’t let the past drag her down:

“I feel very secure within myself – strong, happy and motivated. Hopefully I’ve gained some wisdom over the years. And I have a sense of humor about my mistakes. I’ve accepted that I don’t always get it right, but it’s not the end of the world.”

When it comes to looking good, Elle knows fitness is key to staying beautiful and says she loves to workout outside. She also adds that the process of staying healthy and fit has become more enjoyable over the years:

“I love being outdoors and doing sports like swimming, biking and hiking. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve increased my joy factor. Even if I’m I New York City or London, I’ll choose to walk rather than exercise in a gym.”