Ashanti Denies Her Relationship With Nelly Ever Happened


Ashanti and rapper Nelly broke up late last year and he very swiftly (almost too swiftly) moved on to someone new – actress Tae Howard. Ashanti and Nelly never confirmed their relationship in public but were actually a steady couple and stayed together for almost a full decade, being photographed together regularly.  Tae has already been Instagraming photos of herself with Nelly’s kids, so the new couple appear to have bonded very quickly. Now, Ashanti is denying that she was ever with Nelly in the first place! Good move! She decided to dodge the question when asked about the relationship, responding quite non-specifically:

“I think what’s important is to find someone who you have things in common with that can understand. So, whether you have a 9-to-5 or you’re in the industry or you’re into computers, or you’re into doing nails…whatever it is, you find someone that you’re compatible with.”

She may not want to play the victim or draw any attention but Nelly and Ashanti did appear to be an item at one time so there is no use in denying the relationship completely! Take a look at what else she said during the interview (an official denial) over on CelebrityVIPlounge.