Apex Legends Season 15 Tier List Best Legends

Apex Legends has seen significant success in the genre, which can be attributed in part to its creative cast of playable legends, each of which brings something unique to the composition of a team. While every legend has a place in the Apex Games, there will always be a few that sit atop the game’s meta—just as there will always be some who can’t quite reach the same level of greatness each season. Here’s our tier list of the best Apex Legends legends in Season 15.

Apex Legends Season 15 Tier List Best Legends



Apex Legends Season 15 Tier List

Bloodhound is one of the most frequently used characters and has a fantastic win rate. This is due to their incredibly powerful arsenal of abilities, the best of which is a tactical that scans enemies through walls to reveal their location to all teammates. There is simply no better recon character for your team.


Wraith’s passive, which reveals when she is being targeted, is a useful but uninteresting boon. Her tactical and ultimate abilities, on the other hand, provide serious mobility and utility. The former is easily one of the game’s best abilities, granting her invulnerability and a 30% speed boost to help her reset fights that haven’t gone her way. The latter is a portal that can be used to reposition herself and her teammates when they are trapped in a bad situation. When you combine all of this, it’s difficult to track down and kill a good Wraith.


Defensive powerhouse Gibraltar is a formidable opponent. His deployable bubble is one of the best abilities in the game, shielding teammates for 12 seconds while they rez, heal, or reposition. That’s before we get into how his ultimate unleashes hell on opposing teams for massive damage and area denial. When you consider that Gibraltar takes 15% less damage from all gunfire, it’s clear that he’s a beast on the battlefield.



Apex Legends Season 15 Tier List 2

Good Octane players can be a great asset to their teams because his tactical ability allows him to reach fights or reposition quickly. His ultimate throws out a jump pad that the team can use to gain height or cross large gaps, and it can be used frequently due to its quick recharge.


Valkyrie’s movement is unrivaled thanks to her jetpack, which allows her to reposition herself frequently and reach heights with a consistency that no other character can dream of. The ability to use her ultimate to redeploy to a new area is extremely useful for rotations, and it also shows you where enemies are out in the open. However, some Season 14 nerfs have taken a toll on her. Nonetheless, she is a valuable asset to almost any team.


Newcastle is one of the legends who received significant buffs in Season 14. His ult causes him to leap forward and build a large, sturdy wall of varying heights so that his team can fire from behind it while fighting. Newcastle’s defensive abilities ensure that he is a premier defensive legend who rivals everyone else.


Apex Legends Season 15 Tier List 3

Pathfinder has long been a favorite among players who value mobility. His grapple is one of the most versatile movement abilities in the game, rewarding high-skill plays with massive payoffs. Meanwhile, his ultimate can frequently be used to transport him and his teammates to new areas, and it’s especially useful for crossing horizontal gaps.

Mad Maggie

For the time being, Mad Maggie is without a doubt a meta legend. Her tactical ability deals damage through obstacles, forcing enemies to flee, while her ultimate provides speed boost pads and explodes on enemies, dealing minor damage and disorientation.


Vantage shook things up a lot right away and hasn’t slowed down since. She has an extremely useful toolkit that benefits both herself and her team in a variety of situations, making her an excellent choice for almost any type of player. Playing Vantage ensures that you can greatly assist your team at almost any range, making you a terrifying opponent to face.


Apex Legends Season 15 Tier List 4

Catalyst can use ferrofluid to obstruct enemy sightlines or set traps, such as with her tactical ability that lays spikes on the ground to slow and damage any enemies who attempt to pass through them. Meanwhile, her ultimate allows her to create a massive wall of ferrofluid that will block foes’ visibility while also slowing and blinding them. Catalyst is an excellent choice for defensive players.


Although it can be challenging to aim Ash’s tactical ability at any range, it can be incredibly helpful for blocking doors and slowing down people. Her ultimate requires some planning to position correctly, but the fact that she can warp to new places so quickly makes her an excellent choice for people who like to flank.



Horizon’s passive ability allows her to shoot immediately after landing, while the tactical ability’s vertical boost to high spots is an incredibly powerful option for reaching new heights, though its one drawback is that enemies can also use it. Her ultimate ability is good for area denial in close quarters, but it’s easy to destroy or ignore in most situations.


Apex Legends Season 15 Tier List 5

Bangalore has consistently been one of Apex Legends’ most balanced legends. Her passive ability allows her to move quickly when being shot at, and her ultimate is great for outdoor area denial. While her smokes are excellent for covering a rez or escaping, they can also be a major hindrance to your team if used in or around gunfights, clouding their vision and causing an absolute mess.


Her boosted walls provide extra cover and some improved damage when firing through them, while her passive makes her extra lethal when using LMGs – a class of gun that is already well-known for being extremely powerful. Her ultimate, Sheila, can now be used while moving. However, it significantly slow her down, making good opponents easily outflank her.


Lola isn’t a top-tier legend because she doesn’t bring much to the table in battle, but there’s something to be said for easy loot. Her passive allows her to see purple items through walls and inside bins, and her ultimate allows her and her teammates to search all nearby loot for up to two items and as much ammo as they can carry. In practice, her tactical ability feels underwhelming and awkward, but it can be extremely useful when attempting to flee.


While Wattson’s ultimate recharges shields and destroys incoming ordinance, it also reduces the ability of opposing squads to repel her team from their location. This can be done by using Wattson’s electrified fences to cause havoc for aggressive teams trying to push in on her. Despite her usefulness, Wattson doesn’t rank as a must-have player for most teams because she takes a long time to setup and doesn’t provide much in the way of offense.


Crypto can now line up his drones in front of him and scan for enemies as they pass. For long-term reconnaissance, the drone can even connect to walls. With these new improvements, he’s finally a viable option for the majority of team compositions, though he’s still a weaker overall option than Bloodhound.



Unfortunately for fans of the legends, the Season 12 nerf allows players to destroy Caustic’s tactical gas traps even after they’ve gone off, making him less effective at the long-term area denial that has always defined his kit. His biggest disadvantage is that he must fight in close quarters to maximize his potential, as his large hitbox makes him a liability in open spaces.


Seer had a promising beginning upon release, but a number of nerfs have dropped this recon-focused character even further. Seer’s ultimate is too situational, and many teams are aware of how to crouch to avoid detection inside of it – or easily destroy it at the center of the sphere. Seer is currently not a viable choice for most players because Bloodhound is simply too much better.


ith his cluster bombs, Fuse can deliver some seriously obnoxious area denial, especially given how quickly they recharge. Unfortunately, the rest of his kit is pretty boring, particularly his passive, which simply allows him to carry an extra grenade in each spot and fire it faster.


Revenant’s double-speed crouching is great for sneaking up on teams, and his ability to stealthily climb buildings can be used to make some great plays or deter enemies from using their own abilities. Unfortunately, his ultimate feels weaker than it should and frequently has little effect other than to reveal to everyone where you are and where you’ll be after they deal you some damage.


Lifeline’s appeal has waned as other characters have contributed significantly more. Her healing bot is useful in a pinch, and her hands-off rez can get teammates up while you fight, but neither makes her a necessary team member.



Trickster Mirage has a fun kit that allows him to send out and control a decoy, and his ultimate ability spawns a large number of these decoys in an area around him while giving him a brief period of invisibility. However, as entertaining as it is to fool enemy squads, Mirage simply lacks any team utility beyond his niche ability to go invisible, and his deceptive practices don’t compensate for his complete lack of mobility.

That concludes our Apex Legends Season 15 Tier List.