Apex Legends Mobile Season 4 Release Date

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Season 4 is the upcoming major content update for the mobile version of Apex Legends; here is its release date.

When will Apex Legends Mobile Season 3 end ?

Season 3 was supposed to end on January 10th, with Season 4 following soon after. However, we recently learned that Season 3 will be extended. he new end date for this season is February 14, Valentine’s Day. We do not know whether the holiday will impact the Season, but at least we are aware of this.

In the past, the developers extended Season 2 to allow for more time to iron out bugs and make final adjustments. The extension was brief, so a shorter battle pass was added to continue Season 2 and keep players engaged while they awaited Season 3.

A similar thing appears to be happening here, as, despite the fact that Season 3 has been extended, the Underworld battle pass’s expiration date of January 10th has not changed. As a result, it appears likely that another, shorter battle pass will be released to bridge the gap between now and the start of Season 4.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 4 release date

With Season 3 being extended, it appears likely that Season 4 will begin soon after, if not immediately on February 14th. That is, unless something goes wrong and another delay is required, but we have precedent to suggest the developers will deliver on this extended time frame.

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Apex Legends
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