Anne Hathaway Thought She Looked Like a Turkey at the BAFTAS


Anne Hathaway may be having a great awards season following her ‘Les Miserables’ performance, but according to the actress, the BAFTAS which she attended recently didn’t go so well. She had a nightmarish time because everything was going wrong for her. She had the flu, accidentally ripped her designer dress before the event and was even booed as she walked the red carpet. She says that she though she looked like “a turkey that has been sewn together” because of everything. Lucky for Anne, she had a backup Burberry dress which she slipped into to:

“How irritating am I? Most women don’t even have one great dress, I have two.”

She explains that because she had to change she arrived late which meant that her fans ended up booing her because she had to skip over them in order to make it on time:

“I was so late that I had to run straight down to the end of the carpet and miss all the interviews. And, the worst part was, I missed the fans. They’re out in the cold and the rain and the sleet, and they booed me.”

Anne admits that although it was rough, the night itself went well and she got to hug George Clooney which made up for everything, obviously:

“I got booed, my dress ripped and I had the flu. But it turned out great. I got to hug George Clooney, and that’s the whole point. And, oh yeah, I got a really amazing, prestigious award. That’s pretty cool.”