Among Gods! RPG Adventure Heroes Tier List September 2022

To survive the God of Darkness’ wrath in Among Gods, players will need to assemble a strong team of heroes. And in order to build a strong roster, they must first determine which heroes are the best in the game. This Among Gods Tier List September 2022 will help players understand and choose which characters to play.

Among Gods RPG Adventure Heroes Tier List September 2022

This Tier List is divided into SS, S, A, and B categories.

Tier Heroes
SS Charlemagne
Joan of Arc
S Abe no Seimei
Chevalier d’Eon
Cleopatra VI
Cu Chulainn
Darius the Great
Gilles de Rais
Guy Fawkes
Hattori Hanzo
Knight Bayard
Maeda Keiji
Mary I
Mata Hari
Miyamoto Musashi
Oda Nobunaga
Robin Hood
Shizuka Gozen
Wang Zhaojun
Xiang Yu
A Alfre
Duke William
Julia Vipsania Agrippina
La Hire
Morgan le Fay
Mori Yoshinari
Nasu no Yoichi
Queen Akinny
B French Archer
Jupiter Friest
Knight of Gart
Knight Templar
Mars Friest
Mikawa Bowman
Orleans Archer
Totomi Bowman

Among Gods – Best Meta Heroes From Each Class

Every hero possesses unique skills and abilities that set them apart. As a result, the player must know which hero is best suited for each step of the journey. So, to avoid confusion while building up their army, here are the best heroes from each category.

Corrupt Class: Harald

Among Gods Tier List September 2022 1The Corrupt hero category is made up of heroes who don’t think twice about executing their opponents. Harald is one of them, and he is the strongest. He had never feared death because of her intense childhood memories of crumbling through battlefields.

Endless Torture is Harald’s most powerful move in the fight. When using Endless Tortune, Harald becomes immortal for 6 seconds. This move also creates a shield and restores 50% of his health. With damage that can lower an opponent’s health by up to 72%, Harald can defeat enemies within 3 meters of him.

Evil Class: Nostradamus

Among Gods Tier List September 2022 2The evil heroes use their evil abilities to excel on the battlefield. Nostradamus is a plague victim with extensive medical knowledge. He possesses a great warrior within himself, which aids in his development as the best anti-evils hero.

Nostradamus employs the Spiritual Fog, which is his most effective move. In this attack, he creates a poisonous fog that deals significant damage to the opponent while also slowing their attack speed. This move also gives the allies a 30% increase in attacking speed, allowing them to easily defeat the opponent.

Justice Class: Mata Hari

Heroes in the Justice category are those who have overcome adversity and now devote their lives to mankind or their people. Mata Hari is the most powerful hero in the Justice category. She is a world-class spy who seduces her adversaries with her beauty.

Her Lethal Kiss attack is one of the most lethal in the game.. This attack deals severe damage to targets who are hit by it, and some even perish. For 10 seconds, Mata Hari’s health is restored to up to 30% if the opponent dies.

Holy Class: Joan of Arc

Considering all of Joan of Arc’s divine abilities, she is the best Holy class character. Joan sees herself from two perspectives: one is her god form, which possesses the powers of the God of Light, and the other is her two souls, which exist together but are sometimes separated.

Joan of Arc’s best attack is Exaltation of Light, which grants her immunity to all damage for 5 seconds. She can also regain her health by converting the damage she has received.

Neutral Class: Darius the Great

The Neutral are great warriors, with Darius the Great being the best. He has dedicated himself to his empire and fought for the salvation of his people. This hero possesses great bravery and talent in his field, which he employs to protect his empire.

Rule with Majesty is the most dangerous attack used by Darius. When activated, Darius gains the ability to draw enemies toward him, causing a powerful earthquake that deals massive damage to them.