Amanda Holden’s ex-husband, Les Dennis, forgives her for the affair and expresses happiness that ‘she is happy’

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Les Dennis, Amanda Holden’s ex, has said that he has forgiven her for her romance with actor Neil Morrissey and can now watch Britain’s Got Talent without becoming enraged.

Les Dennis, Amanda Holden’s ex-husband, has said that he has forgiven her for her infamous romance with Neil Morrissey

Amanda, 52, and Les, 69, married in 1995 before calling it quits in 2003, when she was 30 and he was 48.

Amanda’s relationship ended when it was revealed that she had an affair with actor Neil Morrissey.

However, Les has stated that he has forgiven Amanda for being unfaithful and is now “happy that she is happy” 20 years later.

He said: “Amanda was in the papers recently, saying some nice things about me. That was very kind of her.

“Maybe with time she has been able to look back and see things differently. We’re not in touch but I am happy that she’s happy.”

Les added: “I can watch Britain’s Got Talent without getting angry. To be honest it’s like watching a different person, someone I’ve never met.

“All the hurt that has happened has been healed.”

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Neil and Amanda began their clandestine fling while they were working on 2000 film Happy Birthday Shakespeare, with Amanda later revealing their relationship was only about ‘sex’.

Amanda has spoken out about the affair since then, telling Good Housekeeping in 2013: ”I don’t believe women have affairs for no reason.

“Neil rightly or wrongly got loads of stick. I feel like it was my fault – I was the one who was married.

“I want to change the general perception of him, as he was very caring and very loving and very worried about me because I lost so much weight. He used to cook for me and look after me and babysit the dogs.”