Stunning BGT jugde Amanda Holden, 53, bares her legs in a racy cutout dress

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Amanda Holden turned heads when she appeared on the Heart Breakfast radio show wearing a revealing blue dress.

Amanda Holden bares her legs in a cutout dress

(Image: Instagram/ @noholdenback)

Amanda Holden arrived at the Heart FM studios in a blue cut-out dress that made the room sizzle even though it was just June.

The Heart Breakfast hostess then lifted her garment to reveal a skin-baring layer underneath, claiming she did so for “decency.”

The 53-year-old judge on Britain’s Got Talent often looks stunning at work, and Thursday was no different.

The turquoise Michael Kors dress, with its plunging back and slinky waist, accentuated her trim figure.

(Image: Instagram/ @noholdenback)

The stunning TV hostess also wore a beautiful pair of white heels to draw attention to her taller stature.

As she did so, the cutouts in the back of the dress, which had a wavy streak pattern from top to bottom, revealed her skin.

Amanda loves to talk fashion with her fans whenever she has the chance, and on Thursday she joked that she wouldn’t be returning Michael Kors’ dress.

The clip features her saying: “Good morning, how are you?

“It is Thursday and the weather is finally freaking fabulous, so I’m wearing this gorgeous turquoise dress. This is Michael Kors.”

(Image: Instagram/ @noholdenback)

“I love it, because again, it’s got these nice cut-outs. The most sort of flattering part of your body so all the bulk is hidden.”

She smiled for the camera as she lifted her dress to reveal her growing baby bump.

“It’s also got this really nice sort of skin-coloured slip thing underneath which gives you a little bit of decency.”

She then kissed the camera and said, “This dress is a keeper. It’s not going back to Michael Kors. Just a note to you Michael Kors.”