Amanda Holden, dressed in white and sporting a “cheeky” split, likes to think of herself as a “nice girl”

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Amanda Holden, dressed in white and sporting a "cheeky" split, likes to think of herself as a "nice girl"

Radio presenter Amanda Holden proclaimed herself a “good girl” and “little angel” as she spun around in a lovely white midi dress with a “cheeky little split” down the side.

Amanda Holden wears a white dress with a “cheeky” split to promote her image as a “nice girl”

Twirling around in a short sleeved white midi dress, the 52-year-old told viewers that since it was Thursday, she had intended to “dress up as a little angel.”

Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden rushed to Instagram to show off her ‘angelic’ outfit of the day.

(Source: Instagram/@NoHoldenBack)

The Ted Baker dress showed off Amanda’s gorgeous form as she modelled the ensemble, experimenting with the mid-length flared sleeves and gushing about the cozy design.

“I’m such a good girl,” she joked before adding. “This gorgeous dress is from Ted Baker, it’s very comfy, it’s that lycra-ish material.”

“I’m really enjoying these winger sleeves and the whole fit of the whole thing,”  Amanda added.

Offering her 1.9 million followers recommendations on where to wear the dress, Amanda said the garment would be excellent for a “little posh event you have coming up.” 

She went on to point out the “cheeky little split,” darting her toned legs out to display her white stilettos heels that she teamed the dress with.

(Source: Instagram/@NoHoldenBack)

Hilariously, Amanda said: “Perfect if you want to show off a bit of a hairy knee situation.”

“Beautiful, sexy, that’s what you want!” she laughed as she held out the dress.

Amanda‘s outfit of the day video comes after she took part in an obviously awful challenge which saw the former model shove a huge pickle into her mouth.

Trying out the TikTok fad on her Heart Radio Breakfast show with Ashley Roberts and Jamie Theakston, Amanda teased: “I’m accustomed to bigger” as she closed her lips over the abnormally huge pickle.

Co-host Ashley exclaimed with shock when Amanda removed the pickle from its packaging, exclaiming: “Woah! That is a big papa pickle!”

When Amanda tried to eat the hot vegetable, Jamie said, “You’ve got to swallow it all in one.”

After taking a bite, Amanda said, “Oh my god, it’s gorgeous,” Amanda said after taking a bite. “I really like it. This is really good.”