Amanda Holden and her 17-year-old daughter look like sisters because their poses and mini-dresses are the same

Amanda, 52, and her teenage children were dressed and posed so similarly that they could have been sisters.

Amanda Holden showed how close she is to her daughter, who looks like her, by wearing mini-dresses

The Britain’s Got Talent judge posted the photo of her and her 17-year-old daughter, model Alexa, out on the town.

Amanda, age 52, and her adolescent children dressed and posed identically, so they could have been sisters.

Aping Charlie’s Angels, they faced each other, raised one leg, and pointed their index fingers skyward.

(Image: noholdenback/Instagram)

Amanda wore a strapless red sequined minidress with black strappy heels to flaunt her toned body and seemingly endless pins.

She had her perfectly blow-dried, bleached-blonde hair draped over her shoulders, and her nails were painted with black polish.

Alexa followed in her mother’s footsteps, striking a similar pose while wearing a stunning black floral satin minidress that evoked a Cheongsam.

Her dress had long sleeves, and she paired it with silver sandals with thin silver straps and black nail polish.

Amanda and her beautiful family—including her daughter Hollie, 11—are currently on vacation in Dubai.

She posted a photo to Instagram last night from ritzy Peruvian eatery Coya, where she and Alexa were wearing identical ensembles.

(Image: Instagram)

Amanda posted a series of photos and videos to her Instagram Story documenting the group’s day at a waterpark.

The Aquaventure Waterpark, located on the Palm’s outer ring, was a huge success, and the guests had a blast.

You can see the whole family lazily cruising down giant waterslides and swimming in the pools before retiring to their villa for some R&R.

Amanda is making the most of her vacation by getting a massage in the comfort of her own home and lounging by the pool at their villa.

(Image: Instagram)

Many of Amanda’s admirers can’t believe she spent her 52nd birthday in Dubai.

On her special day on Friday, she posed in a bikini while holding a coconut cocktail, but many of her followers were confused because they didn’t think she looked a day over 25.