Alicia Keys on Her Skin Routine, Haircare & Beauty Icons


Always with a gorgeous glowing complexion, Alicia Keys has amazing skin and she has shared how she looks after it. The singer has opened up on her skin routine, explaining that she isn’t too fussy and tries to keep it “pretty simple” when it comes to caring for her complexion. She likes to wash her face and then use just a basic lotion, while exfoliation is also important:

“It’s pretty simple, nothing too crazy. But I do have a great wash that I use called M.D. Forte, and then a simple lotion—the simpler, the better. I’ll do a scrub on my face once every couple of days, but other than that, not too much.”

Commenting on her personal beauty icons, Alicia says she admires both Bianca Jagger and Nina Simone, and think both women are inspirational, powerful people:

“There are a few, but I really love Bianca Jagger’s style. I just like people who are brave and themselves and kind of march to their own drum. I tend to gravitate toward people like that. I also think of Nina Simone, just her brilliance of being totally herself.”

Opening up on how she maintains her hair, Alicia says she looks for products specifically to tame her naturally curly hair, especially shampoos and conditioners that help tame her curls and make them more relaxed. She explained:

“I have really curly hair too, so I’ll blow it out and it becomes straight, but when I brush it, it becomes really, really curly. So I’m always looking for good products to help the curl and just the health of the hair…I love Mixed Chicks. They have really good shampoos and conditioners—I use them on Egypt, too.”