Alicia Keys on Her Relaxed Beauty Routine & Favourite Makeup


Singer Alicia Keys has opened up on her unfussy beauty routine, explaining that she likes to have a relaxed approach and although she is currently pregnant with her second child, she is still just as carefree and often uses beauty as an excuse to unwind and treat herself. She explained:

“I’ve always been more of a no-fusser. I’m not a very fussy person, and I’m not one who is always getting something done, so I didn’t have to suddenly sacrifice that. If anything, my beauty routine has changed because I’m more conscious now of giving myself the time for myself. Like, ‘You know what? You deserve a massage. You need to go get a massage. You love a facial? You should go get a facial.’ The hour that’s going to give you, that’s going to be beautiful!”

Commenting on her favourite makeup, Alicia says that she often just throws on a bright lip and otherwise goes makeup free. She likes to be as natural as possible and thinks adding a bright colour is enough without needing to do any further makeup on her face. She thinks it’s an easy way to make a statement:

“I love a bright lip, especially because I don’t love to always wear make-up. I love to be as simple and natural as possible. I love a bright lip because I feel like it does a lot – it’s like boom, and you don’t have to do much else. You don’t have to worry about your eyes or have all this stuff, so I love that.”