Alicia Keys on Her Relaxed Beauty Routine & Her Favourite Makeup


Alicia Keys has opened up on her favourite makeup looks, revealing that what she wears changes depending on her mood and also the weather. On a sunny day, she likes to play with bright lipstick and has fun with her makeup look. Her other favourite products to use are a highlighter near her eyes and eyeliner:

“It depends on what I’m wearing and how I’m feeling. I love a bright lip if it’s great weather, and I always think a bit of highlighter on top of the cheek and around the eyes hives skin a nice glow. Oh, and I love eyeliner.”

When it comes to her beauty routine, Alicia admits she isn’t the type to put hours in to maintaining her look and when she’s off-duty she often doesn’t even wear much makeup. She also keeps her hair relaxed and believes in going natural:

“Definitely not – I don’t like fuss and I’m not very girlie. On my days off, I won’t wear a single bit of make-up, and my hair will be a total mess – I love it! It’s like, no one in this house cares what I look like, and they think I’m beautiful any way I look.”

The singer jokes that it takes her forever to get ready for a night out and she can often take over an hour putting together a full look including makeup, while it takes her husband a few seconds to get prepared:

“The difference in time between me and my husband getting ready is ridiculous – I take at least an hour and a half, and he’ll be listening to music, doing his thing. So I’ll call him when I’m putting on my dress and he’ll still be ready before me.”