Agyness Deyn Launching Her Own ‘Title-A’ Fashion Collection


British model-turned-actress Agyness Deyn has just launched her own fashion line in collaboration with her sisters Emily and Tracy named ‘Title-A’ which will now be stocked on as a new designer label. The new project came about after the former model firstly collaborated on some designs with Doc Martens, and was surprised to see how many of the items she wanted to own herself. She explained that her vision was inspired by menswear pieces that have been given a feminine twist but that are still casual and wearable:

”While we were designing these clothes for Doc Martens, we started craving things that we wanted to wear so much, which were menswear clothes without the feminine touch that people give them sometimes, like with the darts and things like that. We wanted to do something very boxy with suits and suit separates for the relaxed woman.”

Agyness adds that her style has always been quite boyish growing up and she’s often worn men’s clothing in the past, but she wanted to make her own designs slightly different from that and she’s added balance by using delicate fabrics such as light floaty silks when creating her pieces. She said about her new masculine-inspired collection:

”I’ve always worn boys’ clothes growing up and menswear all the time, but I feel like this is slightly different. It has sexy dressing. It has very feminine silks, which flow. Silk dresses and silk nightshirts that are very feminine. There’s lots of silk-velvet draped shirts that hang.”