Ageless beauty Molly Sims shows off her killer body in string bikini on the beach in Mexico

Molly Sims, an actress-turned-influencer, has a stunning bikini physique despite approaching age 50.

Molly Sims bares all in a bikini while vacationing in Mexico

While on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, the Las Vegas actress uploaded several photos of herself in a teal string bikini on Wednesday.

Molly Sims looked more like 29 than 49, with her flat abdomen, abs, muscular legs, and sculpted arms.

In the her caption: ‘Assuming spring break position – let’s GOOOO.’

It was possible to get glimpses of the pinup in several settings, including her hotel room, a stone walkway where she was wearing sunglasses, and a pool by the beach.

Exhibiting her trim midsection, which she has worked hard to achieve with a regimen of yoga, pilates, cycling, and power walking, the former Old Navy model made the most of a little string bikini.

The seductress’s platinum blonde hair was worn down in a carefree, club-fresh way.

For the pinup pictures taken at the resort, she also wore some lovely gold jewelry.

The fresh photos showed a perfect Sims with no visible cellulite, stretch marks, or fat. She had a strong body and a trim figure.

She did her best Vogue impression in the open air on a rocky route, hands on hips, knee out, clutching a straw handbag.

The actress was well groomed thanks to her light pink manicure and crimson ruby pedicure.

And the warm sunshine on the other side of the border had given her a healthy glow.

This follows her February confession of a weight-loss secret that helps her maintain her trim figure.

The celebrity revealed in her Instagram Stories that she frequently consumes bone broth. The shining example even showed her faithful how she pours the dark brew into a white mug adorned with a red heart.

She scribbled over the image of the bowl of soup, saying: ‘Anti-ageing, good for digestions and gut, helps my joints after workouts, better sleep…

‘This has been game changing for me.’