A Guide to Completing the Poisoned Hearts Quest in Diablo 4

Poisoned Hearts Quest diablo 4

In this Diablo 4 guide, we will walk you through the steps to complete the Poisoned Hearts quest and provide tips to overcome any potential bugs or challenges along the way.

A Guide to Completing the Poisoned Hearts Quest in Diablo 4

Starting the quest

To initiate the Poisoned Hearts side quest, speak to Vera, who awaits you in the same location where you previously dealt with Spider Venom. Vera will accuse you of aiding Aneta, and next to the pot, you’ll find Aneta’s Keepsake. Collect it, marking the beginning of your quest to locate Aneta.

Poisoned Hearts Quest diablo 4 1

Extinguishing the Strange Braziers

Embark on a journey to the east, where you must extinguish three Strange Braziers located in close proximity to each other. These braziers hinder Aneta’s movement, and eliminating the flames will set her free.

Reuniting with Aneta

After extinguishing the braziers, Aneta will regain her freedom. Speak to her, and present her with the keepsake. Shortly after, Gulyas will appear. Engage in dialogue with him, selecting the “What must we do?” option. This will lead to the next phase of the quest.

Gathering Rotten Livers

In order to perform a ritual to aid Aneta, you must collect four Rotten Livers from the vicinity. Aneta reveals that Gulyas has been supportive, and you should easily find the first two Rotten Livers without much opposition. However, the third one may be guarded by enemies. Defeat them swiftly and continue the search for the final Rotten Liver.

The Hidden Glade and the Ritual

Upon finding the final Rotten Liver, enter the Hidden Glade. Follow Aneta as she places the Rotten Livers in a bowl to commence the ritual. As the ceremony unfolds, a horde of serpents, spiders, and other adversaries will be drawn to you. Engage in combat and eliminate these threats throughout the ritual.

Confronting Vera and the Hateful Villagers

After defeating the waves of enemies, you will face off against Vera and a group of Hateful Villagers. Dispatch them swiftly, and Vass will then accuse Vera of the events that transpired. Aneta, in an act of retaliation, burns Vass, while Vera escapes with Aneta close behind. Pursue them to witness a tragic turn of events.

The Conclusion and Rewards

In the aftermath of Vera’s demise, Aneta is left distraught. Proceed to meet up with Gulyas, who informs you that Aneta has departed, leaving a message specifically for you. Read the letter to successfully complete the Poisoned Hearts side quest in Diablo 4. As a reward, you will receive 20 Hawezar Renown, 58,800 XP, and 3,600 Gold.

Tips for Overcoming Bugs

It is important to note that some players have encountered bugs during the Poisoned Hearts quest. To minimize the chances of encountering issues, follow these precautions:

  • Stay within the designated quest boundaries throughout the quest.
  • Avoid starting or participating in nearby World Events.
  • Only engage Treasure Goblins if you can defeat them within the quest boundaries.
  • Aim to complete the quest in a single session.
  • Refrain from triggering any Shrines.

In case Aneta becomes stuck at the end of the quest, consider these potential solutions:

  • Wait for other players to finish the quest and try talking to Aneta afterward.
  • Mark the quest location on your map and complete another quest before attempting to interact with Aneta again.
  • Stand by Aneta for approximately 15 minutes, as some players have reported being able to interact with her after an extended period of being away.

With this guide, you now have a comprehensive understanding of how to complete the Poisoned Hearts side quest in Diablo 4‘s Heretic Questline. Follow the steps provided, and keep the suggested precautions in mind to maximize your chances of a bug-free experience.