Diablo 4 Guide – Best strategies for farming Sacred loot

Diablo 4 sacred loot farming strategies

Discover our tried-and-true strategies for farming Sacred loot in Diablo 4 and get ready to embark on a fruitful loot-finding adventure.

Diablo 4 Guide – Best strategies for farming Sacred loot

To obtain Sacred items, you must reach World Tier 3: Nightmare, which becomes accessible after completing the main story. Once the story is finished, you’ll unlock Capstone dungeons. Completing a capstone dungeon permanently unlocks a World Tier for all characters on your realm, granting access to Unique and Sacred gear. Sacred items represent a superior tier of loot, providing enhanced versions of the items you’re already farming.

Trading Murmuring Obols

The Purveyor of Curiosities represents a remarkable opportunity to obtain extremely rare loot. By trading Murmuring Obols, which are rewarded during World Events, to the Purveyor NPC, you engage in a form of gambling. Each trade allows you to roll for a random item within your chosen category.

While the result is still random, there is a way to increase your chances of acquiring Sacred loot. On World Tier 3, Purveyors offer higher-level loot drops. By selecting one of the glowing or gold-rimmed categories, you have a chance to receive a Sacred item.

On World Tier 4, glowing platinum slots will reward you with Ancestral loot, providing an even more powerful selection of items.

Champion’s Demise

Bosses and elite enemies have a higher chance of dropping Sacred items. If you’re seeking a reliable source of elite enemies to confront in World Tier 3, Champion’s Demise is an ideal dungeon for you.

Focus on eliminating the Elites within the dungeon rather than completing it. Run through the dungeon, wipe out the Elites, and then exit. Repeat this process until your inventory is overflowing with Sacred items.


Helltides are World Tier 3 events that appear on the world map approximately every two hours. Engaging in a Helltide event exposes you to aggressive enemies but offers greater rewards. Be cautious, though, as dying during a Helltide event without spending the Aberrant Cinders will result in their permanent loss.

Gather 125 Aberrant Cinders to unlock the Tortured Gift chests, which offer guaranteed Sacred items. Opening these chests is costly, but the rewards justify the investment. The chests can be found on the map, and the type of chest determines the category of items it drops—Jewels, Weapons, or Armor.

By implementing these tried-and-true farming methods, you can optimize your chances of acquiring Sacred loot in Diablo 4. Remember to explore different options and adapt your farming strategies as you progress through the game. May your journey be filled with bountiful loot and legendary triumphs!