8 Things You Need To Know When Eating Yogurt

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The hot weather can make our body feel very tired. Yogurt is unavoidable foods that help us improve the immune system and maintain the good health. However, before eating yogurt, you should know 8 things following.

1.    Yogurts are different from yogurt drinks

Nowadays, it’s not only the types of yogurt but also yogurt drinks that various; you can mistake buying yogurt drinks instead of yogurt. Yogurt is made up of cow milk and has to experience a process of fermentation. It’s originally cow milk.

Yogurt is unavoidable foods that help us improve the immune system and maintain the good health.

But, yogurt drink is a kind of drink, not milk and has nutrient contents way different from yogurt. The nutrient content of yogurt drink is about 1 of the third of yogurt.  According to the rules of specialized dairy, there must be a ≥ 2.9gram protein in 100g yogurt and the protein content in yogurt drink is about 1 gram. Yogurt drinks can be considered to be antipyretic beverages and can’t be compared with yogurts made from cow milk.

2.    The ability to lose weight and increase breast size

Yogurt can help increase the breast size.

Method 1: combine 150ml yogurt, 2 spoons of condensed milk with green papaya smoothie. You can eat it right the away or keep it in the refrigerator for a while and eat them cold.

Method 2: Before meals, eat 150ml of yogurt combined with 2 spoon of condensed milk.

Method 3: Use yogurt and condensed milk to massage the breast. Every day, after taking shower, apply the combination of condensed milk and yogurt on the breast and massage the breast clockwise and counter-clockwise in 15 minutes at least, till the breast get hot.

3.    The moderate amount of yogurt

To healthy people, absorbing 1-2 cups of yogurt a day, which is similar to gaining 250-500gram of weight is quiet sensible.

Having a glass of cow milk in the morning and a cup of yogurt in the evening is ideal. But, there’re some people who are fond of eating yogurt and have yogurt so much after meals. Those people can gain weight for doing that. That’s because yogurt has a certain content of energy, which means those people provide themselves too much energy from having meals and yogurt, which makes them gain weight.

To healthy people, absorbing 1-2 cups of yogurt a day, which is similar to gaining 250-500gram of weight is quiet sensible. It’d be better eating yogurt half an hour after meals. That will help control the intestinal bacteria which are good for the body.

4.    Can yogurt be heated?

To some people, eating cold yogurt makes their stomach uncomfortable, so it’d be better if they can heat yogurt. However, there’re some rumors about heating will cause nutrient loss.

There’re many documents show that warm yogurt can have the lactic acid which is the most valuable nutrient in yogurt killed. Moreover, warm yogurt can have different taste and decreases of nutrients and the protective effects on health. Nonetheless, by heating yogurt in low heat, the lactic acid in it won’t be killed; oppositely, the low heat can increase the effects of lactic acid.

You can put a box or cup of yogurt in a bowl that is filled with warm water (45oC) for a while before eating it. How wonderful having a cup of warm yogurt in the winter!

5.    Do not combine yogurt with random ingredients

Yogurt can go very well with bread.

Yogurt can be very delicious combined with other foods. Especially, a breakfast with bread, cake and yogurt is both delicious and able to provide a variety of nutrients. However, never eat yogurt with sausage, bacon… greasy processed meats. That’s because the processed meats are often added niter which is Nitric (III) acid which when reacting to Amine in yogurt will produce N-nitrosamine – a powerful carcinogen.

Yogurt shouldn’t be eaten with antibiotics like Chloramphenicol, Erythromycin or ones in Sunfonamides group. Those antibiotics can destroy lactic acid in yogurt. Yogurt can go with carbohydrate foods such as rice, noodles, dumplings, doughboy and bread….

6.    Not able to help lose weight

Yogurt does have certain effects on weight loss, which mainly due to its great content of active lactic acid which can be balanced by bacteria of the body and able to stimulate the peristalsis, which helps prevent constipation.

Nevertheless, you should remember that yogurt also contain a certain source of energy (higher than cow milk), which means eating too much yogurt can make you gain weight. It’d be better if you have low-energy, skim yogurt which is not as good taste as normal sweetened yogurts. The low-energy skim yogurt won’t make you gain weight as it doesn’t create chance for energy accumulations.

7.    Do not eat yogurt when hungry

You shouldn’t eat yogurt when hungry.

When hungry, you might crap a box of yogurt and eat it up. That may help you feel full but you shouldn’t use yogurt as a meal replacement. That’s because when hungry, the level of acid in the stomach is high and by eating yogurt, the lactic acid in it will kill the acid in the stomach and cause a sharp decrease of the health protection effects. It’d be better if the yogurt is eaten 1-2 hours after meals. Because at the time, the gastric juice is diluted; the concentration of acids in the stomach is suitable for lactic acids to develop. Besides, drinking yogurt in the evening is also good.

Remember to brush teeth after eating yogurt especially in the evening because some bacteria and acidy matters in yogurt can damage teeth.

8.    Not everyone can eat yogurt

Actually, though yogurt is very good for health, there’s not every one that can eat yogurt. People who have defecation or intestinal diseases, after have their intestine damaged need to be more aware of eating yogurt; children who are under 1 year old shouldn’t eat yogurt. Moreover, people who have diabetes, arteriosclerosis, hepatitis and pancreatitis shouldn’t eat sweetened yogurts or they can worse the diseases.

People who can eat much of yogurt are people who often drink alcohol, smoke, work with computers, have constipation, osteoporosis….

We hope you take notice of the above information to have a healthy body.