6 Photos of Celebrities Awesomely Photobombing Other Celebrities

It’s not just weird fans that like to jump out inappropriately behind celebrities creating amazing and memorable photobombs, some stars like to do it to their fellow celebrities, creating an awesomely timed photograph that will forever be pretty legendary. Willem Dafoe is one such star, who intentionally pulled off an amazing bomb on Jay-Z and Beyonce. Justin Bieber looks like he’s pulling a great crazy face while seated behind Katy Perry and Russell Brand, while Ringo Starr upstaged him when he bombed Justin’s photo with Kesha. They may be celebrities but that doesn’t mean they have their moments of pure madness which can create the best photobombs ever! Here is a look at 6 of the best to date.

Hugh Laurie photobombs Olivia Wilde and Justin Timberlake

Jack Black photobombs Angelina Jolie

Jake Gyllenhaal photobombs Uma Thurman

Justin Bieber photobombs Katy Perry and Russell Brand

Ringo Starr photobombs Justin Bieber and Kesha
ringo starr

Willem Dafoe photobombs Beyonce and Jay-Z